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iTrading: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

iTrading provides consumers with a stock forecast trading system that can be conveniently accessed through their chosen iOS devices. Developed by Alessandro Moretti, iTrading is designed to reduce the average amount of time investors need for making wise stock investment options, as this app provides quick access to signals on the US, UK, German, French, and Italian stocks. iTrading boasts of providing a simple forecast trading system that can be beneficial to any user.


Featuring  trading signals from all major stock options in the US, UK, German, French, and Italian markets, iTrading certainly presents a wealth of information to any informed user. The forecast signals available through this app for each relevant stock option vary anywhere from five days to two months, and investors should take note of the particular time period that their desired signals are meant to be used for.

The developers of iTrading boast of the app allowing users to be free of the need for intraday signals—a factor that should decrease the amount of time investors spend in researching stock options. Overall, the basic features of iTrading should certainly be beneficial for helping active traders save time if these features are used wisely.

Appearance and Layout:

iTrading iPhone App Review

iTrading iPhone App Review


The basic design of iTrading is simple enough to understand. Users are presented with options for “signals,” “filters,” “performance,” and “info” at the bottom of each iTrading screen, and these options provide fast access to each relevant category. However, my personal experience with iTrading’s layout was a bit disappointing; while the layout was logical, the app itself was riddled with inconsistencies in language and incorrect spellings. For example, while each trading signal’s name was listed in English on the main list, the information explanations for these signals were not. While such issues do not necessarily indicate any inaccuracies in the business data presented through this app, these issues are still disappointing.


While the standard version of iTrading is currently available for free, consumers must choose to purchase subscriptions to view most of the featured trading signals. For example, while anyone can access the Dow Jones Ind Average or the Daimler AG trading signals for free, users of iTrading must pay to access the signals for Michelin, Banco Popolare, Proctor & Gamble, Microsoft, and Google.

This system allows consumers to choose particular signals that they wish to deal with (and purchase them only), but it does mean that the overall price of iTrading will probably not be “free” to most users. In actuality, the overall value of iTrading will probably be dependent upon an individual consumer’s use of the app; increased usage should equate to an increase in the amount of time saved and a fairly high “value” rating.

iTrading iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The iPhone App Review’s Rating:

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