Interlocked: Pull it Apart, No Need to Put it Back Together


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Interlocked: Written and Video iPhone App Review

Interlocked for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We like developers that are serious about producing high-quality games. Why are we mentioning this? Because once we latch onto a studio with promise, we don’t tend to let go. Armor Games is quickly become our next target, especially now that we’ve spent quite a lot of time with their delicious puzzler Interlocked. The app is marvelously difficult, simple to learn, and endlessly engaging. Best of all, you can catch our full review of the app below, starting with:

Concept and Gameplay

The developers themselves put it best, so we’re going to go ahead and more or less steal their words: Do you know those old wooden puzzles that are intertwined to the point of being nearly impossible to unplug? You likely played with them as a kid. We certainly did, which is why we’re excited silly to see them perfectly recreated within Interlocked. The app is an extensive collection of these puzzles, each presented with stunning, Retina display supported graphics. To solve the puzzles, you need only to pull, tug and yank on the wooden bits as you see fit. You can even flip the puzzle about using your finger as well. In this way, you attempt to get the best possible vantage point on the whole before making your next move.

The puzzles themselves are excellently designed, and quite classical. At first the app eases you into solving them, but you’ll very quickly find yourself facing some seriously good dilemmas. We like puzzle games—as our dedicated readers will know—which is why we’re tickled pink by the content here. There are four challenging chapters of puzzles to beat, which adds up to a lot of brain stretching commute time, as well as quite a few lazy, fun-filled hours on the week-end.

Graphics and Design

Interlocked for iPhone

Interlocked for iPhone

As we mentioned earlier, the game does come with Retina display support, which means you’ll get the full blast on both the iPhone and iPad. We enjoyed the semi cell-shaded graphics quite a bit, as well as the super-simplistic interface. You can learn to play the game in mere seconds, though it will likely take you a bit longer to work yourself into a mastery. We also greatly appreciated how well thought out the puzzles. It’s quite clear the developers have spent a great deal of time refining the content here, and the end result shines like the polished masterpiece it is.

Overall Value

For only a dollar, you can enjoy the beautiful puzzler that Interlocked is on both your iPhone and iPad. You’ll get all the levels, all the block poking, and all the frustratingly fun-filled hours you can stand. To us, that’s an unbelievable steal, which is why it’s so easy to recommend Interlocked to any fan of both wood puzzles, and puzzles in general. If you’re a true iOS puzzle head, you cannot let this one slip past you.

InterlockedInterlocked requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Denis says:

    I just downloaded it and I absolutely love it! Thanks!

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    Good game

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