Gun Fighter: This Town’s Only Big Enough for One App

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Gun Fighter: Written iPhone App Review

Gun Fighter for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Every now and then we get to review an app that doesn’t take itself seriously, but yet is seriously fun. These are the sort of apps you’re most likely to pull out at a party, or while carpooling to work with your workmates. These apps are entertaining and we honestly can’t get enough of them. Today’s offering is called Gun Fighter by developer Notz. It’s engaging, quirky, and oddly accented: Everything an app like this aught to be. And for our full review, you need only to slide on down below the break!

Concept and Gameplay

The app comes with two unique “game” modes, both offering a slightly different twist on the same quick draw concept. Essentially, the app turns your phone into a hip-holstered six-shooter, reminiscent of the Wild West. To play the game, you touch a finger to the screen, and then wait for the sound of a gunshot. When you hear this sound, you quickly swipe down to fire your pistol as quickly as you can. The game then shows you blasting away an enemy cowboy, before giving you a millisecond count of how quickly you got the job done. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s rather addictive. We had a blast trying to beat our quick draw score from the last round—a feat that eventually becomes nearly impossible, but satisfying to accomplish.

The other game mode has you literally pulling the phone up from your hip as if firing an actual gun. Both modes are roughly the same in every other aspect, but we rather preferred the latter setting. It’s more exhilarating, and it comes with a primeval joy that’s hard to iterate. All in all, though, the concept at work is fun, distracting, and endlessly engaging: In other words, it’s solid fun. 

Design and Graphics

Gun Fighter for iPhone

Gun Fighter for iPhone

Overall, we enjoyed the look and feel of the app’s graphics, as well as its interface design. It’s unbelievably simple, which means there just aren’t too many places to complicate things for the user. That being said, we do have some problems with the app’s English: It’s downright laughable. We usually try not to complain about this, but in this case, the text is so bad that it’s often hard to figure out what’s being said. To the developers, a quick chat with a native speaker will easily iron out your problems.

Overall Value

All in all, though, Gun Fighter is still free in the App Store, is still wickedly entertaining, and is still incredible to play with at parties. Keeping all of this in mind, we cannot help but give it a solid 3.5 out of 5 from us here at the iPhone App Review. And as future updates bring along better grammar and more content, we can only conclude that now is the best time to get on the bandwagon.

Gun Fighter for iPhoneGun Fighter requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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