EverCrane: Craning the Big Green Elephant Into Place


Price: $4.99
EverCrane: Written iPhone App Review

EverCrane for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Here at the iPhone App Review, we tend to use a few applications like a steamboat captain uses steam: In other words, we’d just about die without them. One of these happens to be our beloved Evernote. Yes, the cute green elephant rules our lives, and now, thanks to EverCrane by AbleComputer our jobs just got a whole lot easier.

The app is perhaps the best companion to Evernote available on your iPad: At the least, it simplifies the process of getting organized. And for an organizationally minded full review of the app, you need only to look below!

Concept and Functionality

Obviously, the EverCrane experience begins with an Evernote account. If you don’t have one, then you likely aren’t aware of everything the app has to offer. It’s a spectacular note storing and note creating application designed to streamline your life from the ground up. If you can’t tell, we enjoy using the service a lot, and if for no other reason, you should sign-up to play with this application.

The app itself performs a simple organizational task, but does it so well it’s mind numbing. The app allows you to view all of your Evernote journals and note stacks in a desktop style viewer, exactly as you might view them on your Windows or Mac.

Within this framework, simply drag the files around to reorder them. Want to add something from your iPad? Thankfully, there’s a second panel at the bottom of the interface that allows you to quickly browse all the local files on your iDevice.

Pick up an object, drag it into place on Evernote, and you’re done! It’s really that easy to reorganize and add pieces to your Evernote account from your iPad, and we cannot stress enough how much of a time saver this is. And of course, you can also export and open your files in a variety of standard applications and end destinations. All in all, EverCrane is one seriously good mother of an app.

Design and Interface

EverCrane for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

When you’re building an app that’s designed to compliment an already classic service (with an iOS rendition) you’re expected to hit a certain interface design bar. Thankfully, EverCrane does its job with particular finesse.

The interface is heavily touch-based, which makes it incredibly simple to navigate. However, we didn’t quite like the textured patterns in the app as much as we liked the green graphics within Evernote. This is a very small complaint, but again—when coming from source material, it is a valid point.

Overall Value

We’re also slightly put off by the app’s pricing. It will cost you five bucks in the App Store, which isn’t much to ask for an office-based productivity app. Still, it’s slightly expensive for an iPad app, though we can reassure you a bit: EverCrane is easily worth every penny it costs, and if you’re in the mood for a slick elephant organizer, this is easily your best bet.



EverCrane requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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