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Wob Lifestyle: Written and Video iPhone App Review

Wob Lifestyle for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Are you a dedicated brand fanatic? Do you like to watch some of the biggest names in the world of business just for a new peak at an upcoming release, or perhaps a slick trailer for an upcoming production? If any of that sounds either familiar or appealing, then boy have we got the app for you! It’s called WoB Lifestyle, and it’s by developer LTK Labs. The app is by and large one of the single greatest ways to stay on top of your favorite product makers and their news. And without any further ado, you’ll find our full review of the app locked away below.

Concept and Functionality

The idea behind WoB Lifestyle (stands for What’s on Brand) is actually pretty simple. The idea is that your phone can be a one-stop shop for all the latest news, releases and information concerning some of the biggest names known ‘round the world. For instance, let’s say that you really enjoy Nike products. As such, you use WoB Lifestyle to find Nike within their huge repository of brands, select it as a favorite, and then receive that brand’s information within the app’s feed. You’ll get sneak peeks at new gear, promotional releases, and a lot more. Best of all, you hardly had to work for all of this.

Essentially, the app allows you to find basically any brand under the sun, add them to your wing, and then start “following” them. From there you can like or dislike specific posts, favorite them, or share them to your preferred social networking avenue. In other words, if you’re a total advert-monkey, and you want to stay on top of the game, WoB Lifestyle is really the only way to do this.

Design and Interface

Wob Lifestyle for iPhone

Wob Lifestyle for iPhone

Overall, we had very little to complain about within the design of WoB Lifestyle. The app looks slick enough, and behaves rather well. On a practical note, there really are thousands of brands tucked away here, and all of them come pre-associated with their own news feeds. This means you’ll not need to lift a finger to start getting the information you crave. And with a tabbed navigational bar along the bottom to contain the app’s splendors, you’ll not be without easy access. All in all, it’s not the prettiest app we’ve ever seen, but it’s far from the worst.

Overall Value

We also can’t knock WoB Lifestyle for being a value. After all, it’s almost pure advertising, which means that it’s completely free in the App Store. You’ll not have to pay a dime to access it, and if you’re into this sort of thing, there’s no better resource currently available on the market. All in all, WoB Lifestyle comes easily recommended to those with an interest.

WobWoB Lifestyle requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Luis Valle says:

    Wob Lifestyle http://goo.gl/raL7T was updated recently (13th October) to version 1.2. The app contains now more than 4,500 brands, newspapers, magazines and blogs, 11,000 sources and 2,000,000 current news, posts, photos and videos.

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