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Weather Watch App: Written iPhone App Review

Weather Watch for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Are you terrified that you’re missing that really great surf? Wonder if it’s sunny crisp, and bike-friendly out of doors while you’re stuck in the office? Just want to know what the week-end will hold for your camping trip? No matter what you need, Weather Watch App by developer SlashWave. The app is the perfect companion to any outdoor activity, delivering live notifications when your needs have been met, or when they’ve been compromised. Best of all, it’s completely free—and we’ve got a full review of it below!

Concept and Functionality

The idea behind Weather Watch App is pretty simple, but almost terrifyingly useful. Essentially, you use the app to specify a location of interest, as well as a weather condition that you’d like to have met. This could mean your favorite rock climbing or surfing spot, as well as sunny weather. Then, you just let the app be. When it finds forecasts that meet your dates, weather and locations, it will let you know via a new notification. In this way, you can immediately find out when the weather is good for an afternoon climb, ride, bike, hike, etc.

For those with an active outdoor lifestyle, this premise is really rather invaluable. We spend a lot of our time looking at forecasts for different local haunts, and with the ability to create multiple poles, Weather Watch App has solved all of those problems. Furthermore, it includes a massive list of weather conditions, which means you can rest assured knowing that no stone will be left unturned. Best of all, a single flick will turn off an alert if you’re going on the move, or simply don’t want to think about biking this week-end.

Graphics and Design

Weather Watch for iPhone

Weather Watch for iPhone

However, perhaps one of the best aspects about Weather Watch App is its design. Usually new utilities like this come out of the gate a bit rough. With Weather Watch App, that’s simply not the case. It’s a shining example of app design, and we can’t get enough of the easy-of-use. If you have fingers and can understand cloud diagrams, then you can set-up real weather alerts in a matter of sheer seconds. This makes Weather Watch App professional looking, slick to use, and unbelievably quick to pickup.

Overall Value

Best of all, it’s completely free in the App Store. This means you won’t have to pay a dime to have access to the single best addition to your week-end warrior lifestyle since the water bottle. It’s efficient, it’s snappy, it looks great, and it’s on the device you carry almost permanently. All of these things mean you’re ready to hit the outdoors the minute you load up Weather Watch App. With that in mind, this one comes easily recommended.

Weather WatchWeather Watch App requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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