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SlidM: Written iPhone/iPad App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

SlidM, by SlidM Ltd., is an iOS app designed to increase consumer’s ease in creating picture slide shows from photographs stored both online (at various social media sites) and on their iOS devices. Featuring an extremely user-friendly layout, SlidM also offers users with the added perk of being able to create collaboration slide shows with their family and friends. In fact, the developers of this app highly promote this joint-creation slide show capability as being a feature that sets SlidM above other similar apps.


SlidM provides users of iOS devices with a quick and convenient way to assemble slide shows, drawing from media both on the camera roll of the device itself and on online social photo sharing sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. Once desired photographs have been selected from each source, users are given the option of further customizing their slide shows by adding in music (from their own iTunes) and altering the length of time that each picture on the show is displayed. Additional customization options allow SlidM users to specify what transitions they want between each photograph in their shows; however, this option does not have to be used, and the app automatically creates a “default” pattern of transitions when a show is created in order to save compilation time for users who don’t have strong transition preferences.

Once a slideshow is created, SlidM then uploads that show to Facebook or YouTube, if these options are selected by a user. Uploading SlidM shows to these sites can be accomplished with just a few simple clicks, and the shows can be uploaded while the iOS is performing other tasks/using other apps. Additionally, all SlidM shows can be edited by other SlidM users who are designated by the original designer; this allows friends and family members to easily collaborate on creating a slideshow simply by each adding in their own personal photographs.

SlidM iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout

SlidM features a simple but sharp layout, completely void of any clutter that could make an otherwise easy app complicated. The photo selection and editing process is presented in a logical order, allowing new users to create a simple slide show without needing any prior instruction. Only when a show is completed is a user presented with more detailed options, such as editing, sharing, and selecting coeditors. However, even these more complicated options are all presented in a clean, uncluttered, logical layout.


The basic features of SlidM are all currently offered for free, so the value of this app is definitely excellent. However, $0.99 charges are in place for any of the in-app purchases. For example, while using SlidM to get photos from Instagram and Flickr is free, using the app to select photos directly from your own account on either of these sites is not. Overall, the ease of group slideshow compilation offered through SlidM is fairly unbeatable, and this (mostly) free app should prove of value to a wide range of iOS users, from those needing to create a slide show for a family reunion to students putting together group projects.

SlidM iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The iPhone app reviews rating: 

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