Reveal the Maze: Terror, Mazes and a Whole Lot of Fun!

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Reveal the Maze: Written iPhone App Review

Reveal the Maze

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We’ve mentioned it quite a lot recently, but no matter how many reviews we do within the genre, we’re still unbelievably fond of iOS puzzlers. There’s just something about a game that has us scratching our heads that warms our hearts. On that note, may we introduce you to yet another quality title, Reveal the Maze by developer Miguain. The app presents us with a unique and terrifying twist on the concept of a labyrinth, combined with a wealth of content and levels. In the end, it all comes together perfectly, but for more information, you’ll need to consult our full review below!

Concept and Gameplay

The idea behind Reveal the Maze is fairly simple, but it’s also based on a classic idea. If you’ve ever played with those ye olden wooden marble puzzles, then you know how this works. You’ll be tilting your iPhone left and right to direct a small marble about the level, avoiding obstacles and ultimately trying to land at the finishing point. It can be a real challenge at times. Thankfully, the game doesn’t make this any easier, either.

The horror aspect comes from the fact that the user cannot see more than just a bit in front of him. Shadows cover the level, and only through the use of powerups and items can he get a better feel for the layout. Along the way, the player will need to avoid dangerous obstacles, find the proper way out of the maze, and generally survive. Who knew that a marble-based puzzling game could be so energizing? We didn’t, but that doesn’t mean we felt the need to stop playing. There’s a whole lot time-blowing fun to be had, and we don’t mean that lightly.

Graphics and Design

Reveal the Maze

Reveal the Maze

The game also happens to look pretty great on our iPhone, which is a tremendous boon. The levels have been laid out quite cleverly, and we have yet to find one that didn’t give us at least a bit of a head scratch. We also enjoyed the placement and variety in powerup items, as they all add a unique (and sometimes fiery) twist to the gameplay. All in all, we’ll summarize the whole by saying that Reveal the Maze presents a unique concept that’s been polished to the point of near perfection. We do wish we had better control over the calibration of the tilt sensors, though, as that sometimes annoyed us during gameplay.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, Reveal the Maze can be had on a limited basis for free, which is a tremendous way to stick your toe into the water without committing. On the other hand, the full version will cost you only a dollar, which unlocks a mountain of content and pleasure. Either way, you’ll be getting one heck of a lot of value for your money, which means we can quite confidently recommend Reveal the Maze.

Reveal the MazeReveal the Maze requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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