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Quercilink: Written and Video iPhone App Review


Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Every now and again we get the chance to review an application that’s, to be honest, coming out of left field. That’s not to say it’s bad—in fact, we mean quite the opposite. What we’re trying to say is that occasionally we’ll get an app that reinvigorates our idea of the iPhone as a platform of invention. It tells us again that yes, this bit of code and metal can do some really bloody cool stuff when some lads set their minds to it. Today’s example? Quercilink by developer Quercitron.   The app allows us to transfer information from one iDevice to another by what has got to be the coolest methods yet—pure, unadulterated sound. To hear how this works, you’ll find our full review below.

Concept and Functionality



The idea behind Quercilink is by no means simple—in fact, it’s almost magical. But essentially, it works like this: The app must be installed on both devices. One user boots up the app on their iPhone, and then picks a bit of data (a link their Facebook page, or perhaps a contact card) and tells the app to send it. The other user selects “Listen” on their device. Both phones beep like Christmas on Dr. Who, and then chatter away like a bunch of deranged toasters. Somehow through all of this, the listening device receives the information intended to be sent.

It’s really incredible to watch this happen, and to be honest, we have little to no idea how it works. That being said, it’s marvelously efficient, and we imagine it would be quite the show starter at parties or during a casual conversation. Either way, it’s much more cool than simply slamming your phones together.

Design and Interface

We have to admit that the app looks pretty solid on the iPhone, as well. It’s very quick to navigate and we had no problem transmitting data once we’d got the pattern down. That being said, getting the pattern can be difficult. It’s not hard to do, but there are a lot of variables in place. Both people must have the app, both must time the departure correctly, and at least one person must have something worth sharing. None of these are deal breakers (we haven’t got a clue how we’d improve them, either) but they’re certainly a trifle more complex than something like Bump. Either way, inventiveness trumps bother when it comes to the value here.

Overall Value

As a free app in the App Store, it’s quite hard to pass up Quercilink. The app is extremely inventive, and even if you use it once to play with, you’ll still have a blast. For those who are looking for something neat with which to share information between iPhones, this is your final tactic: There will never be anything available that’s cooler than this. And we really mean that.

QuercilinkQuercilink requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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