iSecrets: Media Vault for iOS

Price: Free
iSecrets: iPad Written and Video App Review

iSecrets Media Vault iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Next time you want to browse, store media and create documents with a bit of added privacy, look no further than the iSecrets: Media Vault app for iPhone. This sleek title comes to us from App Ideas, and it’s full of surprises.


The iSecrets app is first and foremost a way to tuck your images away in easily accessed collections safe behind a lock pattern. You can also pin and password protect files for a bit of added security.

Once you’re in, iSecrets can import images and videos in easily organized collections, and even add custom text files to each collection. The free version that I’m reviewing does have a few limitations on how many items you can have in each collection, but a simple upgrade gets rid of that pesky fact.

Where does the media come from? Well, you have plenty of options. You can capture images directly from the app, import them from your camera roll, share files over Wi Fi, share files from the computer via iTunes, and even share via handy social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

That doesn’t even take into consideration the secure browser that resides in the app. From the browser, downloading media is a simple two tap process. Just tap and hold, then select download. You’re good to go. Downloaded media goes to your iSecrets file library, but not to your camera roll. Your secrets are safe with this app.

Layout & Design:

iSecrets Media Vault iPhone App Review

iSecrets: Media Vault

iSecrets organizes data in easily navigated collections. In general, this app is clear and easy to understand. The browser even starts out on a helpful page with some tips about getting the most out of that part of the app.

I was pretty impressed by the grown-up feel of this app’s discreet mahogany theme. Not a lot of variety there, but it is pretty simple to get around in iSecrets, and that’s always a plus. This is also a universal app that works in landscape and portrait mode. It’s always nice when devs go the extra step to make an app truly universal.

The iSecrets iPhone app’s use of gestures for added security is also quite handy. There’s a nifty panic mode feature. If you lock your iPhone or put your hand on the screen, the app automatically closes. I’m not saying you have to be paranoid to want this app, but if you are, then you’re going to dig iSecrets’ features.

Overall Value:

Despite the collection limitations, I’m quite fond of the free version of iSecrets. If you have a few files you’d like to secure, some thoughts you’d like to get down in a private manner, or you’re just looking for an app that lets you move files between devices in an easy way, this app has something for you. If you’re like me and just looking for another place to collect cute pictures of kitties, you might want to opt in to the slightly less expensive, advertisement-free version of iSecrets for $1.99. I’m just saying.

iSecrets Media Vault iPhone App QR Code

iSecrets: Media Vault


iSecrets: Media Vault iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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