Fido’s Treehouse Scavenger Hunt – Tons of Fun!

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Fido’s Treehouse Scavenger Hunt: Written iPad App Review

Fido's Treehouse Scavenger Hunt iPad App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Looking for a game that will spark your little one’s imagination again and again? Look no further than the Fido’s Treehouse Scavenger Hunt app for iPad. This brilliant title comes to us courtesy of Pixel Interactive and Little Learning Tots. Read on to find out how much for your family can have with this simple app.


In Fido’s Treehouse Scavenger Hunt it is your child’s job to explore, touch, interact and play. The game features four unique scenes full of movable images, hidden keys and objects, and other interactive items that your little one will love finding.

The game is broken up into two different sections, each appropriate for different age groups. In free play mode, kids can explore with their fingers and learn more about each scene on their own. I think this mode is appropriate for young children, who will delight in each new find.

The scavenger hunt mode is designed for children a little older. In this mode they’ll follow a set of 15 clues in the search for buried treasure. Fido the monkey will help them along. There are hints and each time they play the game they’ll look for different clues. I think that variety is going to make Fido’s Treehouse Scavenger Hunt an app your kids will love for a long time. Anything that can help extend the shelf life of an iPad app is fine by me! In addition,  there is a free version of the scavenger hunt called Fido Treehouse Adventure which includes 2 scenes of free play.

It’s really quite fun to watch kids interact with this app, and amazing how quickly they figure things out.

Layout & Design:

Fido's Treehouse Scavenger Hunt iPad App Review

Fido's Treehouse Scavenger Hunt

The graphics are bright, fun and cheerful in this app for kids. Fido’s Treehouse Scavenger Hunt is optimized for the iPad 2 or above, and I had no trouble running the app on mine. However, the app description does warn that original iPad users may run into some issues with the app, so that’s something to keep in mind as you consider this app.

To my delight, Fido’s Treehouse Scavenger Hunt is very kid-friendly. There are no easily accessible outside links or inappropriate advertisements. It’s just plain, straightforward fun for kids. And that’s what I look for whenever I review kids apps. Well done, devs!

Overall Value:

Right now the Fido’s Treehouse Scavenger Hunt iPad app is available for the low price of $.99. That’s a steal, folks! This game encourages kids to build problem solving skills, and is so full of delightful surprises and fun, you owe it to yourself to get this app on your iPad as soon as possible. Your kids are going to love it. This is the kind of app you can feel good about handing your child, and we highly recommend that you do so. Homerun!

Fido's Treehouse Scavenger Hunt iPad App QR Code

Fido's Treehouse Scavenger Hunt


Fido’s Treehouse Scavenger Hunt iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Thank you for the great review. We just would like to share that a FREE version of this game is available and it’s called Fido’s Treehouse Adventure. It contains 2 scenes with free exploration play mode.

    iTunes Link:

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