Big Business HD: Business, Micromanagement, and Endless Profits

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Big Business HD: Written and Video iPhone App Review

Big Business HD

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

When it comes to micromanagement titles for the iPad, no one is pushing more boundaries and helping to advance the genre than Game Insight. Every time a new title of their’s emerges, we like to take a moment to give it a good looking over—as well as a full, in-depth review! This is why we’re having a hard look at Big Business HD today. The app is perhaps the company’s best offering to date, and in almost every way. However, to find out what makes the app so bloody good, you’ll need to slide on down below the break. Without further ado:

Concept and Gameplay

The idea at the core of Big Business HD is the same that has been at the core of every other Game Insight title to grace our desks. Essentially, the user is given a single, small plot of land to begin with, as well as a few buildings. By slowly producing viable goods and selling them for a profit, the user can begin to accrue a private fortune. This is spent on the entire world of upgrades included within the game. There are population concerns that must be met by building housing. To expand your business, you’ll need to upgrade your farms and factories. What about trucks to carry it all? Your garages had better come well-equipped! Not to mention the need for attractions, electricity power plants, and a wealth of other objects.

In the end, the real fun comes from watching your pathetic little patch of land grow into a marvelously sprawling business empire. It’s absolutely enthralling, and with just the right amount of overwhelming content, Big Business HD is as solid as it is thrilling.

Graphics and Design

Big Business HD

Big Business HD

We said earlier that Big Business HD is perhaps the best title put out by the studio yet—here’s why! Essentially, they’ve had enough time to perfect everything that Big Business HD now positively hums. It has exactly the right amount of content, the perfect pacing (you’ll never be bored or spend too long waiting on resources to grow) and the best graphics for the job. All in all, the app is a compiled effort of a thousand small adjustments and micromanagement fixes that add up to one staggeringly fun game. You may not notice the changes without playing earlier titles by the company, but we can fondly assure you: This is the best available.

Overall Value

As with all of the studio’s titles, Big Business HD is available for free in the App Store. This means you can begin playing it without any upfront cost. If you decide you’d like to flesh-out the in-app gameplay with purchases, you can of course do so. However, there’s no real express need to do this, and we imagine you’ll get a lot of mileage out of the game on its free base alone.

Big Business HDBig Business HD requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Ducky says:

    Add me ducky is king

  2. Lucy says:


    I’ve gone out my way to email u this feedback to make ur apps better for the future! People are spending time building up there city’s for ur piss taking time consuming app to fail miserably, just when I was getting sucked in! I finally was getting somewhere… When I clicked on the app it to me back to the start! Du really think anyone would waste all that time doing it again!!!!! U right on the site who develops this n the public will soon no to not download ur free piss taking apps again, u need to do something before ur big business goes bankrupt lol

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