The Alphabet Gets Alpha Fun in AlphaBee

Price: $.99

AlphaBee: Video iPad App Review

AlphaBee iPad App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

We ask a lot of learning apps these days. They have to be colorful, engaging and educational, not to mention kid-friendly. Those qualities come together in a fun new way in AlphaBee, a new app from Beemates Media.


Like the other titles we’ve looked at by Beemates Media, AlphaBee features a fun set of bee characters that encourage kids to learn and be the best that they can be. AlphaBee is an alphabet learning app for the iPad. Each letter gets individual attention. Kids are engaged through an interactive process of unwrapping presents that reveal fun images that move when touched. Each image corresponds to a letter, and kids get plenty of visual and audible repetition here, so learning is quite easy.

I did have a few concerns with the AlphaBee iPad app. First, the app has a few bugs. For example, if you have an ongoing session with a specific letter, back out and start a new one, you sometimes get overlapping bee guides for a few moments.

Otherwise this app runs well, is super easy for kids to navigate and helps them learn the alphabet in a fun new way at a stellar price. What’s not to love?

Layout & Design:

AlphaBee iPad App Review


As I mentioned briefly, the style of AlphaBee is very simple and kid-friendly. All they have to do is touch a letter and the app guides them through the rest of the alphabet automatically. The fun, colorful bee guide prompts kids to take the next step if needed in clear language.

I do wish the letters and words were a bit larger. AlphaBee is an iPad app, meaning it has a lot of screen real estate to use. It just feels like the balance could be tweaked a bit. I also wish the letters and words would repeat aloud when touched for added repetition.

Another tweak would be to have the image on the screen for the last word disappear before the next one appears. I had a tyke worry aloud that the falling present might squish the snake. Sometimes it takes a kids point of view to really get apps rolling.

Overall Value:

Here at The iPhone App Review, I evaluated the full version of AlphaBee, which costs a whopping $.99. That’s a sweet deal for an iPad app, especially one like this with so much potential. Not sure about the app yet? There’s also a free lite version with a partial alphabet you can download and try at no charge just to see how you and your family like it.

Parents, a word of warning – this app does have outside links. They’re buried under a “more games” subheading, but they’re there. Most take kids to the harmless Beemates Media home site, but it’s something to keep in mind.

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Alphabee iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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