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WordBoxer: Boggle + Boxing = Brilliance!

TweetPrice: Free Rating: WordBoxer: Written iPhone App Review WordBoxer is a brand new and extremely promising word game. Developed by WordBoxer VOF, this is sure to become one of the App Store’s next top games. Move over, Words with Friends, here comes the knockout punch! Concept and Gameplay: I’m not quite sure what the developers […]


Toyzilla: Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em . . . Build ‘Em?

TweetPrice: Free Rating: Toyzilla: Written iPad App Review Here at the iPhone App Review, we’re sometimes handed a game that at first makes us scratch our heads, but very quickly reveals to us that it’s quietly brilliant. Today’s offering, Toyzilla by developer OrionArts is exactly just such a title. The game is a unique combination […]