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Subway Exits: a New and Addicting Puzzle Game

TweetPrice: Free Rating: Subway Exits: Written iPhone App Review I’ll take this opportunity to let everyone know that I’m not a huge puzzle game connoisseur. I have a tendency to become very impatient, and my “it can’t be as simple as that” mentality doesn’t make problem-solving any easier. However, I might’ve found a game which […]


Solve Puzzles to Rescue Hangmen in Gibbets 2

TweetPrice: $0.99 Rating: Gibbets 2: Written iPhone Game Review Have you ever lost a game of hangman and wished you could somehow rescue the poor imaginary bloke you unwillingly killed? Perhaps you’ve watched a movie which featured justice by hanging and thought “It be really cool if someone could shoot him down from there!”. Regardless […]