MetaTrader 5: Steadily Improving, Steadily Trading

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MetaTrader 5: iPhone App Written and Video Review

MetaTrader 5 for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Believe it or not, we’re not usually that smitten with all of the various arcade games that we happen to see here at the iPhone App Review. In fact, we’re much more fond of a good old fashioned stocks application. Which is why we’ve spent so much time in recent months with MetaTrader 5 by developer MetaQuotes Software. The app makes it simple and efficient for us to take our FOREX trading accounts on the go, providing us with loads of features to ensure that our data is carried along, too. If you’ve been looking for just such an app, head on down below the break to view our whole review! Starting with:

Concept and Functionality

First of all, MetaTrader 5 is of course a FOREX trading app. This means that, if you have a broker that supports MetaTrader, you can immediately attach your online account to the app to make real trades and real decisions while on the go. This alone is powerful, but the real boon of the application is the fact that it gives you so much information.

For instance, MetaTrader 5 comes with heaps of trading info that give you more points about your recent trades, your losses, your gains, and your total fiscal state. You’ll also get a wealth of charts displaying recent changes in the market from 30 of the most popular technical indicators, and with the time limitations that you prefer. Add to this 3 types of charts (bars, japanese candlesticks, and the basic line graph) and you’ve got one heck of a way to stay informed.

And recent updates have only improved what MetaTrader 5 is packing. You can now use the Depth of Market feature to take a deeper cut, the “Crosshair” mode for easy data viewing across both price and prediction, and the Data Window to more accurately view prices at a specific point.

Graphics and Design

MetaTrader 5 for iPhone

MetaTrader 5 for iPhone

Along the same lines, the looks of the app just keep getting better and better with each update. We like how new features have been smoothly tucked into the existing framework, and of course, everything we liked about MetaTrader 5 in the last rendition can still be found in abundance. There’s a bit of a learning curve here, but with tabbed navigational controls and easy graph switching, it won’t take long before your trading away like a master. All in all, MetaTrader 5 is gorgeous, functional, and though a bit dense, hardly what we’d call Herculean to learn.

Overall Value

Best of all, the app is completely free! Yes, you heard that right. It won’t cost you a dime (save those which go to your broker) to make trades, keep up with the markets, and otherwise stay on top of the game from your iPhone. Overall, MetaTrader 5 is easily one of the better FOREX apps on the market, and as updates continue to improve and iron out the kinds, we can only recommend MetaTrader 5 that much more.

MetaTrader 5MetaTrader 5 requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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