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iSparks: iPhone App Written and Video Review


iSparks for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Every now and then we get the chance to show you guys a truly special application for the iPhone. These are the sort of titles that enable us to live better lives, to meet new people, or do to both. In this case, iSparks by the developer of the same name is the ideal way to meet new people when you’re in a fresh situation. It’s social framework and handy geo-tagged location capabilities make it an incredible utility, especially for those shy people stuck in a new city. Want more information? Then slide on down below the break to view our whole review!

Concept and Functionality

Not to pigeon hole iSparks into the same category, but if you have ever heard of or used the application Grindr, then you’ve actually got a good grasp on how iSparks works. However, instead of trying to hook you up with a friendly stranger, iSparks instead wants to help you find friends who are looking to do the same things you’re in the mood for. Here’s an example:

With iSparks at the wheel, let’s say you set your status as “want to see a movie.” From there, the app looks 3 kilometers around you, attempting to locate other iSparks users who are interested in the same activity. If it finds some, it will let you know. From there, you send out invitations to those folks, and wait for responses. You can chat with them if they accept, setup a meeting time, and then you’re off to the cinema without any further fuss! It’s a beautiful system, and if you’re in a new city or location without anyone to talk to, it’s an absolutely fabulous way to make new mates.

Graphics and Layout

iSparks for iPhone

iSparks for iPhone

Overall, we had no real problem using iSparks. The application maintains a lot of the stock iOS elements that we’ve come to know and love, and though it may not be that original, it is at least functional. Some of the application’s menus and text layouts are rough around the edges, but this isn’t something that future updates can’t easily fix. Furthermore, the location services worked like a champ, and we had no problems finding those in our area who wanted to chat and meet-up. In other words, there’s room for improvement, though the app itself is much more than functional.

Overall Value

And in terms of value, let’s face it: iSparks is the ideal bargain for a new bloke in a fresh city. If you’re not sure exactly how to meet people in your neck of the woods (and don’t like pubs) then iSparks is the ideal solution for your problems. It’s free, it’s effective, and it makes your social life that much easier. And to us, that’s a solid bargain all the way around.

iSparksiSparks requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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