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Confessiondolls: iPhone App Written Review


Confessiondolls for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Do you like Post Secret? No, do you really like it, and wish there were even more ways for you to post your confessions to the Web?  Do you want to know what others have to say? How about if you could do it all from the safety of your iPhone? If so, then saddle up for Confessiondolls by developer MediaGROE. The app offers a cute interface, a beautiful way to post your secrets, and a whole lot of life-reinforcing value for your iOS device. Sound like something you’re interested in? Then head on down below to view our whole review!

Concept and Functionality

As stated, the idea behind Confessiondolls bears a lot of similarity to the every popular PostSecret, but with some notable differences. First of which, you’re not sending post cards to an address where they’ll be collected into mammoth books, but are instead directly applying your confessions to the Web thanks to your anonymous doll avatar. This avatar can be customized however you like, and comes with a unique physics engine: You can poke, prod and otherwise console your doll and others’ in a number of ways, which is really quite entertaining.

From there, you’ll be adding your own stories and confessions by writing them out. As you post them, they’ll be available under your avatar for others to read.  Users can leave their stories they have to get it of their shoulders and others can ‘like’ each story or not.  These readers can Like, Share or tweet stories.  That’s it, but that’s all it takes. In other words, Confessiondolls offers a gorgeous graphical front-end for an activity that so many of us enjoy (or possibly need) and with an healthy amount of community to boot.

Graphics and Design

Confessiondolls for iPhone

Confessiondolls for iPhone

As stated, the app itself is rather gorgeous. It makes use of a custom, vector-drawn interface, as well as an handmade physics engine that we love. It’s got a bit of doom and gloom to it, but not so much that you feel uncomfortable. Rather, you simply feel at ease. With the free version you can write (post) and read secrets. The full version (paid) gives extra functionality to the app by allowing the user to sort the stories. Here you can view all popular stories or sort on most active users. Also it gives the users the option to follow others users, by clicking the Add to favorite button.

Overall Value

Still, at the end of the day, Confessiondolls is certainly worth its free price tag as a curiosity piece. It’s got a lot of engaging concepts at work, and if you’ve been waiting to try something like this out, why not give it a go? You’ll not get very far, but even just dipping your toe into the mix that Confessiondolls is offering is good enough for us. As such, Confessiondolls easily comes recommended, especially for PS fans.

ConfessiondollsConfessiondolls requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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