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Zync: Touch – iPhone App Written Review

Zync: Touch

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If you’re one of our more dedicated readers, then you’re likely aware of the fact that we basically go ape over any good puzzle app that waltzes across our desk. This isn’t a bad thing: We rather enjoy it. But what it does mean is that, when a truly stellar title comes into our radar, we’re extremely appreciative of what it has to offer. As such, may we introduce to you today one of our new favorite puzzling apps for the iPhone. It’s called Zync: Touch by developer Trycus, and it’s got a whole lot to offer. So without further ado, skip on down below the break to view our whole thought on this incredible puzzling application!

Concept and eGameplay

We don’t get to say this often, but Zync: Touch offers one of the most inventive and original game concepts that we’ve ever seen on the iPhone. The idea is deceptively simple at first. The player must tap out a sequence of colored lights in exactly the order that they are first presented on the game board. As the game progresses, more lights are added onto the sequence, that way by the fifteenth turn—just hypothetically—you’re dealing with fifteen unique entries that must be memorized. You use this information to score well: The quicker you can tap out the correct sequence the higher your score will be. However, screwing up will end the game immediately. In this way, there’s a lot of pressure, but not so much that the game isn’t fun.

We loved the variety in game modes, too. In arcade mode the pattern changes every time, providing a fresh challenge. In the classic mode, the pattern grows in a natural way, and the challenge is in remembering all the various elements of where the pattern has gone. It’s a whole lot of fun, and we can’t recommend it enough!

Design and Interface

Zync: Touch

Zync: Touch

Even better, the app is simply gorgeous. The patterns themselves aren’t that great to look at, but the themes that come with the app make it an entirely different ballgame. You can purchase additional layouts to play with, but these don’t just change the look of the piece. They literally change the board game, providing you with different pieces and different sections to touch and light up. This isn’t just aesthetic: It adds to the gameplay itself, providing us with even more incentive to return to Zync—aside form the Game Center integration, that is.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, Zync: Touch is easily one of our new favorite puzzling applications. We’ll be playing it for a long time to come, which should give you some indication as to how much of a value the app actually is. It has a lot to offer, and if you’re looking for a new puzzler to play around with, we’d seriously start here. This one is solid application gold.

ZyncZync: Touch requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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