The World Clock Free: Does Anybody Really Know What Time it Is?

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The World Clock Free: iPhone App Written and Video Review

The World Clock Free for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

In our line of work—and we know people outside our field that deal with this, too—we tend to have to keep a steady tab on what the timezone differences are like between where we live and where our clients live. In fact, if we don’t know what time it is around the world, our job gets awfully hard to do. Thankfully, though, we now have The World Clock Free by developer Andrei Kolev to help us through. The app makes it simple, fast, and free to understand the time differences across the globe, and with an interface that’s simply gorgeous, to boot. If your interest has been piqued, head on down below the break to see what we have to say about the app!

Concept and Functionality

Have you ever been in an airport with all of the clocks up on the wall? You know, the sort that tell you what time it is in Tokyo, London, Chicago, Berlin, etc? Well, The World Clock Free is a lot like that, only the whole experience has been slimmed down and streamlined for your iPad. There’s no need for a gigantic wall on which to hang your clocks. Instead, the app’s intuitive dashboard does all the work for you.

The app currently supports a mammoth number of locations, and offers quite a bit of information about each timezone. You’ll get Greenwich Meantime differences, as well as the option to compare the times between yourself and others at a glance. However, our favorite features was the ability to check what time it will be in either the future or the past. With a few simple gestures we can effectively tell when our clients will be awake and working, or our loved ones safe to Skype with. This is titanically useful to those that need it.

Design and Interface

The World Clock Free for iPad

The World Clock Free for iPad

However, lots of apps will give you this kind of time checking functionality. So what makes The World Clock Free different? It’s really the night-versus-day sliding mechanic. You can slide the dashboard to the left or right to visually see what time of day it is in other parts of the world. All of this is, of course, relative to where you live. All in all, it’s quite clear the developers have spent a great deal of time making The World Clock Free quick and pleasing to use, and the end result shines rather brightly.

Overall Value

It’s also pretty damn hard to argue with the bargain that The World Clock Free is: The app is completely free with minimal advertising. You’ll get all the full features, and none of the hassle of other world clock apps. All in all, this combined with a truly stellar set of features makes the app an incredible steal for the weary time traveler in need of a small assistant. To sum it up, The World Clock Free comes recommended!

The World Clock for iPadThe World Clock Free requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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