Take on the Alien Invasion with Space Squad

Price: $.99
Space Squad: iPhone Written and Video App Review

Space Squad iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

The alien horde is on the move, and all that stands between freedom and total annihilation is you and your handy Space Squad. That’s the premise for one seriously fun universal iOS app from Unity Studios, aptly named Space Squad. This game is one part strategy, one part guns-blazing action and it aims to please.


I like a good alien invasion story as much as the next girl, and the quirky background details of Space Squad deliver plenty of intrigue and interest, while keeping it simple enough for those of us who just want to get on with it and slay an alien bug or fifty.

In the Space Squad iPhone app you’ll use a band of four unique characters to make your way through campaign levels, completing objectives, collecting keys and generally kicking some tail along the way. The Space Squad is made up of a hulking tank, a medic and a sharpshooter with a sneaky trick. Complete levels successfully and mind your time. You’ll collect stars as you progress, unlocking new levels and boosts.

There’s a healthy introductory tutorial for Space Squad, and access to two fun campaigns for just $.99. You can’t ask much more from an app than that. This game is fun, easy to pick up and diverse enough to keep users of all ages engaged for a long time. I found myself wishing the app had some achievements or other Game Center integration, but that’s more of a nit-picky request than a serious issue. Space Squad definitely rocks.

Layout & Design:

Space Squad iPhone App Review

Space Squad

With its latest update, the universal Space Squad app now supports retina display graphics on the iPad, and it sports a cool new zoom option that makes it easier to get a good feel for larger levels and plan your attack accordingly.

I found Space Squad easy to learn, and fun to play. There are plenty of time-saving options, such as group movement and activating your troops’ special skills is slick and simple. I really think the graphics of this game are cool and accessible. The in-level graphics could possibly use a little improvement. The aliens, for instance, are pretty simple in some cases. But the app runs smoothly, even if you have dozens of baddies on the screen, which is always a plus.

Overall Value:

Although the free intro pricing period is over, Space Squad can be yours for the relatively low price of $.99. There’s also an optional in-app expansion pack upgrade that costs $1.99. I think this title’s slick graphics and addictive gameplay make it an ideal game for iOS gamers. The Space Squad iPhone app comes highly recommended.

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Space Squad



Space Squad iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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