SmyleSafe: Efficient Parenting Controls in a Pleasant Package

Price: $4.99

SmyleSafe: iPhone App Review, Written and Video Review


SmyleSafe for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Have you been looking for a solid way to lockdown your child’s Internet viewing experience? Want to be sure they don’t wander into any . . . unseemly areas of the Net? Want all that control on their iPhone or iPod? If so, then consider it good as done! SmyleSafe by developer Retina Software offers all this and more in a package that’s convenient and good-looking: And for our full review, you need only to slide on down below the break.

Concept and Functionality

The idea behind SmyleSafe is rather blissfuly simple: You can lockdown the viewing experience that the user of the phone (presumably your child or ward) has while on the go. However, you’re not going to need to edit any complicated blacklists to get this done—though they are there if you’d like to! Rather, you simply define the age group that your child best fits into, and the rest is done. The app takes that information, and does this with it:

First of all, it makes a point to block any and all naughty material using an huge list of predefined blacklisted sites. It also maintains safe search preferences universally across all the major search engines. Your child can request via email a site to be unlocked, or you can predefine a geofence for them to rest within: The latter is particularly cool. You define a set location that they cannot go outside, or the app will send you an email alerting you when they do. And of course, SmyleSafe maintains an history log of all sites visited, which means you can check their habits regularly for more information. All in all, it’s a rock-solid offering, and one we feel a whole load of parents will appreciate having.

Design and Interface

SmyleSafe for iPhone

SmyleSafe for iPhone

We’re going to be honest here: SmyleSafe isn’t the most stunning web browser we’ve ever had the pleasure of looking at, but then again, does it need to be? So the app isn’t Firefox Mobile, but the features work splendidly, it’s hardly a pain to setup the parameters that you want to work with, and it chugs along like a real champ. In fact, we’d say simplicity is the winning factor where the app is concerned. If you’re hunting for an efficient and easy way to control what your kids views, we can hardly knock the app’s functional design.

Overall Value

However, we can say that the price is slightly high. Five bucks is a lot to pay for any app, though honestly you’ll be getting your money’s worth. For the peace of mind that the title gives both you and your child, five dollars is hardly a lot to ask. And you’ll certainly get all the functionality you could ever want out of it. So all in all, if you’re interested, go ahead and give it a whirl! At the least, you’ll be down five bucks. At the most, you’ll prevent your child some future therapy.

SmyleSafeSmyleSafe requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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