Stay Fit While You Get Your Mommy On with Pregnant and FIT!

Price: $3.99
Pregnant and FIT!: iPhone Video and Written App Review

Pregnant and FIT! iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

When it comes to pregnancy, fitness means different things for every mommy-to-be. Now there’s a fitness solution that takes your fitness level, preferences and trimester into account, all with optimal health as a goal. Staying fit while you’re pregnant has never been easier than it is with Pregnant and FIT! an app from Brooklyn Academy Roots LLC.


The Pregnant and FIT! iPhone app breaks exercises up into three distinct categories. One is appropriate for women who are almost all stages of fitness and pregnancy, the second is appropriate in the first and second trimester, and the third is for athlete mommas in the first or first half of the second trimester only.

Naturally, it’s all about customization. You can choose from a half-hour workout or a full body workout, and even select the moves you want to do. Once you get going, the Pregnant and FIT! iPhone app contains detailed videos with audio instructions which walk you through the safest, most effective way to complete each workout.

The rest of this pregnancy app is dedicated to keeping track of your work outs, giving moms-to-be health advice and plenty of tips, tricks, warnings and disclaimers. For the price, I do wish Pregnant and FIT! had info for women to use pre-pregnancy or post-pregnancy, or a community for moms to use together. Alas, those features haven’t made their way to this app yet. Even so, Pregnant and FIT! is a great starting place for women of all athletic abilities and stages of pregnancy who are looking to stay in shape all the way through their pregnancies. Staying healthy for life is the goal here, and learning how to exercise safely and effectively is a great place to start.

Layout & Design:

Pregnant and FIT! iPhone App Review

Pregnant and FIT!

Pregnant and FIT! utilizes some cool pink color themes, and some fun graphics to keep it spicy. Accessing your own personalized workout plans is easy, once you go through the main exercises tab to select them. The initial set up isn’t quite so easy, but a bit of work can create custom workouts, which are then easily accessible through the My Workouts tab.

As usual, I’m a big fan of simple, bottom tab designs. The Pregnant and FIT! iPhone app could use a bit of finessing, but the video content is top notch, and available in either screen orientation. I was a bit disappointed that the app did not work properly on the iPad 2. The videos never loaded, so I was stuck using it on the smaller screened iPhone.

Overall Value:

With a fair to middle-of-the-road price tag of $3.99, Pregnant and FIT! is all lined up to be a cost effective source of pregnancy fitness info for women everywhere. As I mentioned earlier, I do wish the app sported more features and less boring small-sized text for that price, but it’s a great start to an app that could be much more to women of a wider demographic with a bit of work. If you’re looking for a way to stay in shape while you traverse the delicate dance that is a healthy pregnancy, this is an app you can’t afford to skip.

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Pregnant and FIT!



Pregnant and FIT! iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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