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Medical Check-Up: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip ChanReviewed by Philip Chan

Have you ever wondered just what measures you should take to help prevent disease in your life and maintain good health? How about the battery of tests and exams that physicians may perform on you to help you stay fit and catch disease before it worsens? Answers to such questions and much more may be found in Medical Check-Up app, from developer Suntini, for the iOS!

From the start, you can select from simply viewing a list of exams, or going ahead and answering the questionnaire to better locate the best preventive medicine options based on your answers. The questions are pretty simple and include ones over topics like age, weight, height, etc. I liked how the app didn’t force you to go through the interview process and instead also allowed you to view the different exams and tests, with interesting videos as well (over 80 videos!). The “results” of your interview are presented to you in a nice, categorical overview. From here, you can elect to read more about everything from Examination of Moles to Blood Sugar Measurements. It’s a nice smattering of tests and topics and the linked videos makes it all the more interesting.

Appearance and Layout:

Medical Check-Up Iphone App Review

Medical Check-Up’s graphics, while decent and usable, aren’t exactly cutting-edge. They do fit in with the overall light-colored pastel theme fairly well, but they feel more appropriate for a children’s health app than one of all people. However, they certainly don’t detract too much from the overall design of the app nor from the easy of navigating it. Menus appear straightforward and logical, especially helpful when you are trying to get an answer quickly. There isn’t a lot of info available online through the developer’s website, as it’s mainly just a support page for users wanting to contact the developer.

One of the taglines for Medical Check-Up is “Prevention is Better than a Cure.” It’s with this in mind that Medical Check-Up takes the user through a straightforward interview then helps point out possible tests and exams that may be helpful. Of course, all users should first seek the opinion of their medical doctor to learn more about reasons for and against these tests. Since I’m not a doctor, I really can’t vouch for the information contained within this app, so be sure to talk to your physician about the results you may get using it. Still, having these all in one app, along with information about these tests (including videos), is fairly neat, even for those of us who aren’t hypochondriacs! A lot of this info may also be available online, but for one low price, Medical Check-Up helps put it into one complete package!

Medical Check-Up iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up publication of this review. The iPhone App Review rating:

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