Manuals: Never Lose The Instructions Again

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Manuals: iPhone App Written Review

Manuals for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If you’re like us, you have a ton of different electronic devices. Furthermore, if you’re even more like us (God help you, if so) you tend to lose the boxes and manuals that these devices originally came with. Now, this isn’t such a terrible fate: Thanks to an app called Manuals by developer Arty Create, you’re now golden for life. The app serves as a gigantic stockpile of thousands of electronic device manuals, as well as a few other categories, and with a few touches of your finger, you can find the service records for just about anything. Don’t believe us? Then head on down below the break to view our whole review!

Design and Functionality

As stated, Manuals has one goal and one goal only: It wants to keep you up to speed as far as your deice manuals go, bringing all of them to you thanks to your iPhone or iPad. How does it do this? We’re tempted to say magic, but that’s not quite the truth. You see, the app has its very own, integrated and custom search engine that enables it to find just about any manual you can think of. You can browse for devices by model, product or brand, making it simple and efficient to locate what you’re looking for. And with more than 4.000 brands and 200.000 devices, we guarantee you’ll find what you need. Better still, once you’ve located the manual you need, you can view it directly in-app. This is a tremendous boon, as you have no need for complicated iBooks work arounds or anything else of the like. You can even save a manual (or share it) so that you can continue to use it later without needing to locate its whereabouts again. All in all, we’re really quite glad that Manuals even exists.

Design and Interface

Manuals for iPhone

Manuals for iPhone

If you’re one of our more dedicated readers than you’ve likely noticed that we’ve been quite hard on the designs were seeing—we’re not sure why, but there you have it. But when it comes to Manuals, we have nothing to complain about. The app is gorgeous, and comes with a full-featured tabbed navigational layout. We liked the small touches, like the striped loading bar, as well as the killer PDF reader. It behaves exactly as we might expect it to, and we had no problem reading our manuals on either the iPad or the iPhone. All in all, it’s a stellar effort, and one we struggle to find fault with.

Overall Value

We’ll spin it to you this way: If you have electronic devices that you like to stay on-top of, and you want to keep those manuals at hand, Manuals is an immense value. It comes with just about all the bells and whistles one could hope for. Furthermore, with so many manuals at hand, you can continue to use Manuals with all of your future purchases. Longevity, beauty, and functionality—if that isn’t a solid recommendation, I don’t know what is!

ManualsManuals requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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    Good quality app!

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