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iDoctor Pro: iPhone Written App Review

iDoctor Pro iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Doctors looking for an easy way to keep track of their patient information are in luck. This week I had a chance to review iDoctor Pro from developer Luis Medinavi. This simple app makes keeping track of records, results, patient details and more a snap. But how did it hold up to a little critical review?


On the surface, the new iDoctor Pro iPhone app is a solid concept. More and more doctors are turning to specialty apps to help keep their practices running smoothly, and iDoctor Pro definitely sets itself up to be such an app.

With a surprisingly amount of flexibility, iDoctor Pro is designed to let doctors record patient details, symptoms, test results, histories and more in a central app. There’s even a section where doctors can enter information about appointments, and a handy export feature that sends patient records out via email or PDF.

What I ran into, though, was a serious disconnect. For example, there was no location in the patient details that showed the appointments I entered. Also, the appointment enter page only allows you to enter appointments happening today. You can navigate to other days to see items previously entered, but, again, they don’t connect to the patient info, so it’s kind of a useless feature.

I also thought it was strange that the app automatically enters an email address in the doctor info, so any time you try to export data, it tries to go there by default. That’s just a wee bit sketchy in my book. So doctors, beware. Definitely update your own personal doctor info before you do any exporting.

The app also fails to tie in to any external system, and I really doubt it has enough security to fulfill confidentiality requirements. In other words, the app concept may be solid, but the app itself could use a bit of work.

Layout & Design:

iDoctor Pro iPhone App Review

iDoctor Pro

The iDoctor Pro iPhone app organizes data in a simple set of tabs that are all easy accessible at the bottom of the app for a certain amount of ease. However, I found the typing interface a bit disappointing. It did not make use of the iPhone’s predictive text feature, and I often had to tap several times on a blank for the cursor to catch and the keyboard to come up.

I was also extremely disappointed that this application is not universal. If anything, doctors are more likely to be working from a tablet for ease of data entry instead of from an iPhone or iPod touch. I thought this was an extremely strange oversight, and hope to see it corrected in the future.

Overall Value:

If you are a doctor looking for a simple app to help you jot some notes down that are easily exported and shared, iDoctor Pro may be the app for you. It’s also a cost effective alternative to the many professional grade medical application suites out there. The app itself could use a bit of work, but for $1.99, if you’re looking for a simple tracking system that supports detailed diagnoses, notes and importing of multimedia, I doubt you’ll find anything cheaper. I also think an app like this could be useful for veterinarians.

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iDoctor Pro



iDoctor Pro iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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