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Human Defense: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Do you love games like Plants vs Zombies, Kingdom Rush and other tower defense apps? Developer Heliceum has released an updated version of their popular Human Defense game app for the iOS. Featuring a unique setting for a classic style of game play, Human Defense offers a combo of strategy fun with education values. Is it worth trying, with the plethora of other defense games already on the market today? Read on!


At its core, Human Defense is a classic tower defense game with a medical theme. Gamers are tasked with protecting key organs in the human body from invading viruses. The heart, lungs, kidneys and more are the gamers key points to be defended from waves upon waves of enemies. While some tower defense games use a grid on which enemies move across the screen, Human Defense features a ‘road’ (actually a blood vessel) through which viruses try to move on as gamers attempt to throw towers down to stop their spread. When gamers grow tired of thrashing swarms of viruses, a neat educational segment may accessed on the app, with info on the human body, organs and viruses. It’s great to see an app incorporating a unique setting with awesome game play and educational functions.
Game play is fairly varied with a purported 5 hours of levels to tackle. There’s also a rating system for each level, grading the gamers performance, with up to three stars available. Achievements, a fairly standard fare for many popular game apps, are also available. Finally, there is a cool Emergency mode where gamers who love facing unlimited swarms will find themselves defending from hordes of enemy viruses. All these options and more really helps make Human Defense another solid choice in the category of tower defense apps.


Human Defense The iPhone App Review

Like many tower defense games, Human Defense sports a fairly cartoony set of game graphics. These don’t detract from the game play as they actually fit in very nicely with the overall theme. Towers range from neat needle injection devices to blasters to orb-like beacons, all zapping and shooting the oncoming viruses with fluid animations. Human Defense’s graphics are still fairly sharp and look great on the iOS, especially with the app’s retina display support. Also, I liked the app’s game screen layout. It looks great and the design allows for easy placement of towers to help fight off nasty viruses.


Available for $0.99 through iTunes, Human Defense is another solid tower defense app for the iOS. I was impressed with the unique theme and additional education opportunities for gamers to learn more about the immune system. The tower defense genre is exceptionally crowded on mobile market, yet Human Defense has found a nice niche theme to further attract gamers to this addicting style of game play.

Human Defense iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up publication of this review. The iPhone App Review rating:

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