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hicup: iPhone Video App Review

hicup iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Are you new in your area? Looking for a new way to make new friends and connections? Look no further than this week’s iPhone app review of hicup. This new social networking app comes to us courtesy of JGDG, Inc. and it’s chock full of ways to find people in your area who have the same interests that you do. Let’s see how this new social networking title holds up to a little iPhone app review critique.


Like most social networking apps, the new hicup iPhone app is all about the profile. Your job is to choose seven of your top interests, upload photos, and fill out a brief information section that fleshes out your public, or private, profile. Then, the hicup app uses search parameters to make your profile, and those of other people physically close to you, available via a simple search.

In the People tab, you can peruse profiles that match your search, add them to your favorites list, and even initiate chats with them, where you can find out if you really have anything in common. Hicup also allows you to search for friends to invite to this free app via Facebook, Twitter or email. And, the app encourages you to post links to your public profiles in your about section.

Personally, I found the limit to seven main topics or hicups a bit limiting, and wished the app allowed for more Q&A style profile sections to flesh out with your personal info. Also, like so many new social networking apps, the network is a bit limited. The new hicup app could be great, but its success will depend in large part to participation, which I found a bit lacking.

Layout & Design:

hicup iPhone App Review


The hicup iPhone app is organized in a simple series of bottom tabs, organizing the app into the People search, a conversation-style chats interface, the Favorites list, a Profile page and a Search feature that lets you filter your People results based on interests, geographic location and more.

The bright, clearly illustrated hicup interest list was rather interesting, and the app, as a whole, was easy enough to navigate and use. That being said, there isn’t anything horribly original or mind blowing about this application. It’s passable, but not extraordinary.

Overall Value:

Like most fledgling social networking apps, the hicup iPhone app is available free of charge. Registration is relatively simple and doesn’t cost a dime. Neither does the in-app chat system. So, if you were, for example, trying to find a cheap way to instant message free of charge with someone, this app would provide an ideal way to do so.

Otherwise, the intrinsic value of the hicup iPhone app will be seen as interest in it grows or wanes. If the masses flock to this app, it could be a big hit. If not, well, at least it is made well enough and can support a unique user base with plenty of friends.

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hicup iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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