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Price: $2.99
Grocery List – Marche: iPhone Video App Review

Grocery List - Marche iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Are you looking for an app that makes making, managing and sharing grocery lists easier, and helps you keep tabs on what you’re spending at the store? Look no further. This week I had the privilege of reviewing Grocery List – Marche, an app by YunaSoft Inc. This bad boy combines common shopping list items, tons of customization and export options with a sweet price tag, making it one of the most well rounded grocery shopping apps we’ve ever seen.


As the app name might suggest, the Grocery List – Marche iPhone app is all about the list. With this app it’s super easy to find common items, create new lists, and even add templates (pre-created lists of food for certain meals, etc.) to your list for a simple shopping experience. I think this templates feature really makes Marche shine. It’s easy to set up templates for meals you commonly cook. Then it’s a simple tap to add the entire template to your shopping list. How easy is that?

This superb shopping app also makes keeping tabs on what you spend easy. There’s even a reporting feature that lets you export your monthly totals via email. If you’re all about sharing, shopping lists can be exported via email, text or by connecting to the Marche server (this is included in the price of the app).

An expansive list of grocery items, timer function, note option and so much more round out this app quite well. It also supports global measurement systems and currency, giving the Grocery List – Marche iPhone app international appeal. I did find myself wishing the app supported coupons and discount calculations.

Layout & Design:

Grocery List - Marche iPhone App Review

Grocery List - Marche

A crisp default black background and simple set of graphics keep the Grocery List – Marche iPhone app streamlined and easy to use. If you want to put your own personal touch on the app’s look, check out the customizable wallpaper options in the Settings menu. This interface allows you to set transparency and color according to your whim.

Navigating shopping lists is quite easy with this app. It supports a set of custom actions. You’ll tap, long-press and swipe your way to success, without any undo confusion. There’s even an option to turn on a larger font for those of us who need a little help reading lists on the iPhone’s screen.

I did wish this app was truly universal. However, it does not make full use of the iPad’s expansive screen real estate.

Overall Value:

With a small-scale price tag of $.99, Grocery List – Marche is priced to move. If you want to shop smarter, plan better, keep track of your cash flow and never forget another thing at the grocery store again, you owe it to yourself to give this app a chance.

Grocery List - Marche iPhone App QR Code

Grocery List - Marche


Grocery List – Marche iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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