GlassPong2: Forget the Pub, Go to Your iPhone!

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GlassPong2: iPhone Apps Video and Written Review


Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Do you like arcade games? Do you like insanely addicting ones that make you waste hours upon hours perfecting an essentially useless skill? If so, then saddle up, Cowboy! GlassPong2 by developer Beyond, Inc. is one of the coolest and slickest sequel applications we have ever seen on the iPhone. It’s got a whirlwind of awesome gameplay, as well as a control scheme that makes it easy to pick up—but incredibly hard to master! Plus, with a mountain of levels, you’re not likely to get bored anytime soon. So for our full review, simply scroll on down below the break!

Concept and Gameplay

We’re not sure why GlassPong2 is avoiding the phrase, but we’re going to go ahead and spill the beans: If you have ever played Beer Pong before, then you know exactly what’s going on in GlassPong2. The game has you throwing a pingpong ball at a glass cup that’s located somewhere farther away from you. Typically these games are played in pubs, so the first few levels that you knock out will be in a that sort of avenue. You’ll need to expertly toss the ball into the cup, sometimes using nearby objects to deflect it into place. In this way, the game itself is a lot like basketball, but also like Golf.

However, GlassPong2 adds a lot of other features to the mix. For instance, there’s an insanely difficult 60 second time attack mode, as well as a practice arena. You’ll also be dealing with normal arcade attempt limits that will keep you grounded. All in all, it’s a hugely fun effort, and one that you can easily become addicted to if you’re not careful.

Design and Graphics



Without dancing around the subject, we’re just going to say this: The game looks great. There’s nothing about it that we dislike, and even the adverts are tastefully placed. So, let’s talk about controls! The game’s two mechanisms are simple to get, though we definitely preferred the actual physical toss mechanic to the finger flick method. We found the former to be much more precise, as we had a lot of difficulty getting our finger motions to lineup with the target. Still, it could have simply been our lack of gaming skill getting in the way.

Overall Value

We’ll spin it to you this way: GlassPong2 is completely free, comes with a ton of levels, and offers a game mechanic that’s simple to pick up but difficult to master. That means it’s incredibly addictive, and may just soak up all of your time. But as you’re not paying a dime to play it, we hardly think that’s a crime. So without any further ado, go enjoy GlassPong2 now! It’s a brilliant arcade game, and one we really can’t recommend enough.

GlassPong2GlassPong2 requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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