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ConnectBooks: Written iPhone App Review

Review by Philip Chan

IntelleApps has released a remarkable app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android, called ConnectBooks. ConnectBooks is a fantastic free app that enables you to access all of those accounting reports that you were supposed to look over at the office, all of those many accounts that you have, who that customer was that you kept remembering and forgetting their balance, and even way more! ConnectBooks makes your partnership with accounting more relaxing and stress free!


ConnectBooks is chock-loaded with features! To start off, they include easy access to viewing the user’s Accounts, Customers, Vendors, Inventory, and Employees. Upon viewing your Accounts, the user can see a specific account’s History activity and Balance. When browsing through the list of customers, one can access Customer Transactions with the option to view the different Quotes & Proposals, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, Receiver Money, and Credits & Returns. When the user views the Vendors section, one can view the Vendor Transactions with the Purchase Orders, Bills, Paid Bills, Checks, and Credit Returns. The Inventory section and the Employees allow the user to view the lists and extended info of what they have in their inventory and the details of each of the employees. The Dashboard allows the user to see Who Owes Me and Who I Owe, as well as a Quick Lookup search-type feature. The Reports/Graph section is very precise and self-explanatory. The Tools section is marvelous by including many different Calculators (e.g. Most expensive house you can afford, Mortgage Payment, Mortgage Loan Amortization Table, Car Loan, Retirement Savings, Investment Rate of Return, Credit Card Payment, and Credit Card Payoff). A built-in security module limits access to users based on their role defined by you, so its standard of security is well-made. Another great feature is the ability to display a map with directions, plus phone or email info for field staff to easily connect with customers or possible customers.

Appearance and Layout:

ConnectBooks iPhone App Review

The basic appearance and layout is simple and easy to use with the different sections (Accounts, Customers, Vendors, etc.) listed and a simple tap on an individual one will expand the section. Overall, a simple appearance with a more versatile layout.


ConnectBooks is definitely a great bargain. It’s free and yet is loaded with tons of amazing features. At first, it might take a little tinkering around to get it ready for your company’s use, however, for the price of $0.00, no other app can even compare. The Free Single-User Edition allows only 1 User, 1 Company, and 1 Sync Per Day. However, the Multi-User Edition is $9.99 per user per month, with 3 companies and 3 syncs per day, making it a more viable option for a larger business firm. Overall, ConnectBooks is a great deal!

ConnectBooks iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating:




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2 Responses to “Connect Your Business with ConnectBooks!”

  1. ConnectBooks requires registration (they call it “subscription” – even for the free version) AND an export app/program (PeachTree Connector) to access your data. NOWHERE is this referenced, until after registration and app execution – THEN you learn of it. IntelleApps ought to include an easy way to get to there – I have not located the app/program, YET!
    It is NOT a “Load-N-Go” procedure… Patience IS required!

  2. iphone reparatur says:

    Hi thanks for your great review about ConnectBooks and l´m going to try those idea you have been giving.

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