Sci-Fi Tower Defense with Cartoon Defense: Space Wars

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Cartoon Defense: Space Wars: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Strategy games for mobile devices can be largely hit or miss. Graphics, game play and difficulty can vary widely on various apps, but there are a few solid strategy apps available online today. Cartoon Defense: Space Wars, by developer KTH, is a new strategy game app on the iTunes market. It’s also available for free and runs on iOS 4.0 or later.

At it’s core, Cartoon Defense: Space Wars is a real time strategy game with elements of tower defense mixed in. Gamers are tasked with defending their home planet, “Cartoon”, from incoming waves of enemy troops. At the same time, they’ll be mining minerals near their base to boost their income, allowing for the purchase of more units. Further complicating matters is the appearance of big Boss enemies that must be defeated on various levels. It’s somewhat fast-paced, but not overly frantic, allowing for gamers to maintain a relative level of control of the situation without feeling overwhelmed. Furthermore, building units and placing them is quite easy with the touch screen controls. The game play difficulty feels just right as levels progressively get harder, with different challenges to overcome in Cartoon Defense: Space Wars. Finally, as in many free apps, users may purchase in-app items to further upgrade their units and weaponry between battles, using real money. It’s not too distracting from the overall game play, it’s just an additional feature for those who wish to supplement their arsenal. For a great look at some of the game play, head over to YouTube and check out the Cartoon Defense trailer. There’s 45 different unit types and 80 different levels to keep gamers interested for a long time!

Appearance and Layout:

Cartoon Defense: Space Wars

Explosions! Alien ships! Spacecraft! Planets! Cartoon Defense: Space Wars rocks all these in awesome, sharp graphics on the iOS. Animations look great and the overall game play feel is enhanced by the quality visuals. Enemy units and friendly units appear on screen from time to time, heralding on different attacks and onslaughts. The explosions can be pretty intense at times, especially on levels with massive enemy swarms. Finally, the overall layout is pretty straightforward, standard fare for the iOS. It’s easy to navigate and allows new users tackle the game right away.

Cartoon Defense: Space Wars is free, but it does have an in-app game store, typical fare for freemium games. Some users may find this annoying, but with many apps going this route, it’s pretty much expected. This aside, Cartoon Defense: Space Wars is a high quality real time strategy/tower defense hybrid, offering solid game play, excellent graphics and a load of levels to keep gamers addicted. Check it out today!

Cartoon Defense: Space Wars iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up publication of this review. The iPhone App Review rating:

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