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Be the NumberOne

TweetPrice: $0.99 Rating: NumberOne: Written iPhone App Review Neotko Studios SL has released a spiffy app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, called NumberOne. NumberOne is an addicting, fun-filled matching game that stimulates your thinking and helps give you a sense of accomplishment. NumberOne is a great app that is fast-paced and exciting! Features: […]


LocalPhone: Long Distance Calling Made Simple on the iPhone

TweetPrice: Free LocalPhone: iPhone Apps Written Review When it comes to making international or long distance calls, you used to have to expect a large bill at the end of each month. There was no real way around this, as making calls to London to talk to your Gran simply wasn’t made cheap. However, in […]


OnlyFinals: Just the Big Ones, Just the Reminders

TweetPrice: $0.99 OnlyFinals: iPhone Apps Written Review We’ve been seeing about two thousand and two different Olympic applications hitting the App Store since the games started up a few days ago. However, most of them are overloaded with excess information and features that you don’t necessarily need. So what do you do when you want […]


Connect Your Business with ConnectBooks!

TweetPrice: Free Rating: ConnectBooks: Written iPhone App Review IntelleApps has released a remarkable app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android, called ConnectBooks. ConnectBooks is a fantastic free app that enables you to access all of those accounting reports that you were supposed to look over at the office, all of those many accounts that you […]


Shop Smart with Grocery List – Marche

TweetPrice: $2.99 Rating: Grocery List – Marche: iPhone Video App Review Are you looking for an app that makes making, managing and sharing grocery lists easier, and helps you keep tabs on what you’re spending at the store? Look no further. This week I had the privilege of reviewing Grocery List – Marche, an app […]


Protect Your Organs on Human Defense!

TweetPrice: Free Score: Human Defense: Written iPhone App Review Do you love games like Plants vs Zombies, Kingdom Rush and other tower defense apps? Developer Heliceum has released an updated version of their popular Human Defense game app for the iOS. Featuring a unique setting for a classic style of game play, Human Defense offers […]

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