Toss the Knight: Weird Game, Loads of Fun

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Toss the Knight: iPhone App Written Reviews

Toss the Knight for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We haven’t really got a favorite application for the iPhone, especially not a favorite game. However, if we had to pick one off the top of our heads, Toss the Knight by developer Denis Savin would come pretty close. Don’t get us wrong: The app is just about the weirdest sack of bananas you’re likely to find on the iPhone—then again, it’s probably not weird enough compared to some apps we know—but it’s easily one of the cleverest and most fun titles you’ll play all year. And if that introduction isn’t enough to get you to skip on down below the break and finish off our full review, we haven’t got a clue what will!

Concept and Gameplay

As stated, the idea behind Toss the Knight seems more than a bit daft or mad at first glance. To begin with, your job is to fire a knight out of a cannon at a gate across the level. The idea is that he will projectile shoot toward it, and then smash a great big whole in the entire thing. To get him there with enough force, you’ll have to leverage his initial blast with tact, and then get him to bounce across the heads of enemies that are approaching the gate. As you go, you can use various powerups to prolong your flight, destroy more enemies, get more coins, and so on and so forth.

However, that’s only half the game. Once you’ve broken into the castle, you must fight a boss using a sort of Bejeweled style puzzle game. This is really quite a challenge, and with the bigger boss fights, prepare to have your tin-studded arse handed to you regularly. It’s a wholop of a game, and though it takes literal minutes to get used to the very concept of Toss the Knight, it’s easily worth it.

Design and Graphics

Toss the Knight for iPhone

Toss the Knight for iPhone

Best of all, the app looks pretty bloody wicked on the iPhone, too. It’s got an excellently designed set of graphics that reminded us an awful lot of Army of Darkness HD. Furthermore, the aforementioned puzzle game is really quite a smash to play. You score points by chaining together combinations, dealing damage to the opponent in a very heart stopping way. All together, we had nothing to complain about with the way Toss the Knight presents itself, which means we now have to move onto the next section with a big smile on our critical faces.

Overall Value

Do you want an incredibly fun game to play on your iPhone? Do you want to pay only the fourth the price of a Starbucks latte for it? If so, then Toss the Knight is an easy recommendation. It’s a great title, it’s engagingly odd, and with a ton of levels, it’s endlessly entertaining. So without any further hubbub, go and grab it now! This one comes highly recommended from us.

Toss the KnightToss the Knight requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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