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The Man App: Written iPhone App Review


Reviewed by Philip Chan

Ever feel overwhelmed by the array of relationship holidays that need to be remembered? As a guy, keeping track of everything from your significant other’s birthday to special personal celebrations can be difficult, especially when juggling work, relationships, family and much more. Imagine having a one-stop app, where you could get personalized reminders about all your relationship duties and related events? Sure, it might not be the most romantic of applications, but it might help prevent a few “Whoops” moments that could leave you in the dog house! Thus, I present to you The Man App, from developer Sticky Pixels. Does this app actually help out with personalized relationship reminders? Read on!


Boot up the Man App for the first time and you’ll need to initially choose a relationship status to start with (Wife, girlfriend, etc). Then, the app will auto assign a few important holidays to keep track of (Christmas, Valentines Day, etc). It’s up to you to fill in the rest-birthday, anniversary and so on. Categories listed are Essentials, Your Reminders, and Man of the Year. The latter category is basically a random/funny category, with different ways to score points at different times of the year listed. For example, Women’s Christmas: scheduled for January 5th each year, is a “celebration” for when the Christmas Tree is taken down (“helps to ease the January blues and will ultimately make life a little easier for you” claims the app.
Looking at the bottom of the screen you will see a Random Acts tab and a Ideas & Info tab. Random Acts is a reminder to do different random acts of kindness, with a customizable schedule. You can choose to create your own, select from a long list, or have the app automatically choose one for you. Ideas and Info includes all sorts of ways to make your special someones life better, with gift ideas, ways to escape the dog house and many more. Most suggestions are more on the humorous side. There is also a section for Her Essential Stats (eye colour, dress size, you know the rest), and a helpful Wedding Anniversary Index.
Finally, under the Settings, you can customize if notifications are turned on or off, enable discreet notifications to keep the app more secret, and adjust the home screen music.
Man App has a pretty impressive array of features, as I’ve just shared. It’s really easy to setup and I didn’t encounter any bugs or annoying crashes with this app, even when tested on an older device. My only complaint was with the event scheduler-it would be nice to be able to set events as annually, monthly, weekly, etc and not just based on one date/time. This is especially important for recurring events each month and the like. Hopefully, Sticky Pixels will include an update for this in the near future!

Graphical Layout

The Man App iPhone App Review

Man App sports an appealing and easy to work with layout. The main landing screen features the key upcoming events with a countdown number. The nearest event is bolded and featured prominently for special recognition. There’s even a couple stick-figure men rocking out on different screens, celebrating the good life with Man App. Browsing and setting up the events is a snap, all handled through a few logical screens and tabs. Finally, the overall app appears quite smart and professional-it’s clear the developers are experienced when it comes to releasing a polished app!


As a reminder tool, Man App handles the job nicely. I would really like to see an update featuring greater customization for just how often events recur. However, the rest of the app scheduling and relationship reminders are excellent. Even more impressive is the humorous ideas, random acts of kindness and suggestion tools featured in Man App, all for the relatively low price of $0.99 through iTunes. Overall, Man App is a solid improvement over basic scheduling apps and definitely a solid option to help ensure you never forget an important relationship date again!

The Man App is iPhone app requires iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating: 


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