Solitaire *: The Star Means It’s Special

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Solitaire *: iPhone App Written and Video Review


Solitaire * for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Do you like to play solitaire? No, we mean do you really like to play solitaire, including really obscure rule sets, long games, difficult games, and just about everything else in-between? If so, then pony up, Soldier! Have we ever got the app for you: It’s called Solitaire* and it’s by the developer known as PI Entertainment. It comes with more game modes and rules than one could easily choke an horse with, and it’s got enough overall gameplay to keep even the most masochistic of solitaire players happy for years. So if that gets your gears grinding, then head on down below the break to view our whole review of the application!

Concept and Gameplay

Essentially, Solitaire* wants to do one thing, and one thing only: It wants to be the only solitaire game you will ever need on your iPhone. The app promises to do away with all of the cheese and pomp that we’re used to seeing in these sort of games, making it easily one of the most deadly serious, and deadly to play, applications out there. For starters, it comes with a whopping 36 game modes and rule sets, which is just about every solitaire mod in the book. Furthermore, Solitaire* comes with an entire host of additional features, including move autocompletes, healthy animations, detailed statistics, auto saves, and a bunch more. In essence, Solitaire* is like the convenience store down the street that has just about everything you’ll need to succeed in life. It’s got more than enough gameplay options, an ease of use factor that’s out of the ballpark, and a professionally smooth exterior to keep you absorbed. And if that doesn’t sound like a solitaire player’s wet dream, then we don’t know what will—and we’d rather not know, actually.

Design and Interface

Solitaire * for iPhone

Solitaire * for iPhone

As much as we like the gameplay of Solitaire*, though, we do have a few niggles to air with the interface itself. The arrangement is entirely functional, and we loved the wall of game variations. However, subtlety just isn’t the app’s strong suite. What we mean by that is this: There are these big, garish adds, these huge walls of settings, and a never-ending list of game modes to try out. In other words, it’s overwhelming and a bit too grandiose for our tastes. We feel like some tasteful drop-down menus could easily go a long way toward ironing this out.

Overall Value

Still, as a free app in the app store, Solitaire* is an undeniable bargain. It’s got a wall of content to play through, as well as more than enough appeal for the dedicated fan. And with a price tag that costs you nothing save some adverts, what’s not to like about Solitaire*? In our eyes, absolutely nothing, save some obnoxious menus. And we’re willing to deal with that last point.

Solitaire *Solitaire* requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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