Say Goodbye to Turbulence with Turbcast

Price: $1.99
Turbcast: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Do you get goose bumps and chills whenever you travel by airplane, dreading even the thought of air turbulence? It’s a feeling many people have experienced, made worse by the uncertainy of the weather conditions and air patterns along the route. Help alleviate these fears with Turbcast, from developer Simplus Tech Group, an app that offers air travel turbulence predictions along with educational information.


Developed by an experienced airline pilot, Turbcast uses aviation weather charts to report the chance of turbulence along various air travel routes.  Simply load up the app, input your departure and arrival airports, along with departure and arrival times and the app will give you predicted turbulence patterns to be aware of. Turbulence risks are calculated and reported as follows: Low risk (smooth with few bumps), Minimum risk (occasional to moderate turbulence) and High Risk (moderate to severe turbulence possible).
There is also a very useful educational section for users to browse. I really appreciated this informative section on turbulence. Did you know the actual definition of turbulence is the “up and down air currents affected by the sun’s radiation as it heats the earth’s surface?” This and other helpful explanation of different types of turbulence (4 main types) and causes (multiple) are a great way to learn more about the way turbulence affects air travel. There are also helpful, informative images and a video linked with the app on airplanes and turbulence.

Appearance and Layout:

Turbocast iPhone App Review

Turbcast sports a simple, but functional layout. There is a main landing page from which users can access the Turbcast forecast tool, Facts (educational info on this subject), Video and Twitter updates from the creator. I do appreciate how the Twitter and Video pages load within the app and not through an external web browser. It’s really quite easy to figure out how to use Turbcast from the start, as it only requires that users know the abbreviations for the airports they are flying to and from, along with flight times. The layout isn’t incredibly slick but it certainly allows users to get the job done with ease!


Air turbulence is dreaded by many travelers. The last thing we want is our trip to be turned into a roller coaster experience. Turbcast offers helpful predictions on various air travel routes and turbulence patterns. At $1.99, it’s a little more expensive than most freely available information online; however, it does contain a wealth of topics on turbulence from an experienced airline pilot. Also, the information on the etiology of turbulence in Turbcast is incredibly helpful and very educational. Knowing more about this subject really does help ease fears of air travel-ignorance is not bliss for this subject! If you or your loved ones are interesting in learning more about air turbulence via a handy app, Turbcast is the way to go!
Turbcast iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating:


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