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Packing Pro: iPhone Video and Written App Review

Packing Pro iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Let’s face it, traveling can be a bit complicated these days. Between trying to pack what you need and prep the things you aren’t while trying to remember things like what your luggage weighs, it’s high time an app makes traveling easier. Lucky for us, the latest version of Packing Pro hit our desks this week at The iPhone App Review. This super handy universal app from Quinn Genzel takes the guess work out of packing and preparing for a trip so you’re never caught on the go without your go-to stuff. Let’s see how the latest round of updates fairs with a little critical examination.


To be fair, we took a look at Packing Pro two years ago here at The iPhone App Review. Back then, it was already a solid app, with plenty of customization options. Needless to say, the latest rounds of updates are a great reminder of why iTunes recommend this app and it keeps appearing on travel must-have lists. My favorite upgrade would have to be the iCloud support. The wireless sync really ups the ante, and turns this app into a lean mean sharing machine. Now you can plan your trip and keep track of the prep work with your travel mates.

The app’s main feature is its amazing set of packing lists. You can choose from tons of pre-created lists, or let the app create one that fits your travel needs, or even start from scratch, pulling from more than 500 packing items to check off. Or, naturally, you can create your own items, categories, etc.

Then there are the Packing Pro app’s sharing features. You can share lists directly via email, export them as CSV files, and even share them on Facebook if you really wanna. If this app extended itself to include travel itinerary info, such as line times at airports or flight schedules and reservation checks, I’d be tempted to give it five stars instead. It’s still an impressive showing for a single, well priced app.

Layout & Design:

Packing Pro iPhone App Review

Packing Pro

Packing Pro comes with a fun list of pre-created styles, but the basics of how it’s laid out and organized are really pretty simple. Of course, I like it best on the iPad (check out the video review for a first hand look at the app in action on an iPad 2), with lists names on the left, and the main items organized to the right.

It also lets you customize the app skins, which I absolutely love. So I like all my apps to be pink and fabulous. Fabulous taste is not a crime. And this app lets me manipulate the colors and fonts to my heart’s content. Well done, Packing Pro, well done.

Overall Value:

For $2.99, I dare you to find a more functional and feature-rich packing app out there. This bad boy is universal, works like a dream, syncs however you want and seems to only be getting better. That’s a solid app value if I’ve ever seen one. Sure, the instructions seem a bit overly complex, and I’m not sure about the need to list every single step to take before a trip, but for those type-A travelers out there, this app is top notch.

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Packing Pro



Packing Pro iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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