My Moviestar: Who Wants to Be an Actress?

Price: Free

My Moviestar: iPhone Apps Written and Video Review

My Moviestar for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Right out of the gate, we simply want to say that we are not the intended audience for Pictosoft’s My Moviestar: Dream High. Not only do we not have the right anatomy, but we’re also (more than) slightly outside the app’s intended age group. That being said, we still enjoyed ourselves within the application—not sure what that says about us—and have concocted a full review which you’ll find below. So if you’ve been wondering just what the app has to offer you, waste no more time in reading our whole thought and then some!

Concept and Functionality

The app falls quite steadily into a genre we’ve taken to calling “roleplaying with lots of touch-based quests.” It’s a long title, but it fits the bill pretty well. The app has you playing as a wannabee actress who has just failed her first public performance. From there, you’re going to need to start becoming a busy body around town: Attending acting classes, buying new clothes, bringing them back to house, etc etc. However, the real focus of the app is to audition for roles and start your career. You do this by taking your acting classes to the Agency’s auditions. Do well at a tryout, and you’ll get to spend some of your energy points shooting a film. Do enough of these, and your notoriety will start to rise. Pretty soon you’ll be ranking in the coins, the star points, and everything else in-between. Essentially, the draw here is the vast number of things and items to accumulate. You can obtain a nearly endless supply of clothes, more movies than one can shake a stick at, and enough glamour to make Elton John woozy. In the right hands (not us, obviously) this application could easily hold the player’s interest for hours.

Design and Interface

My Moviestar for iPhone

My Moviestar for iPhone

One the whole, the app looks pretty slick, too. The graphics are certainly top-notch. The app does suffer from the for-pay additions syndrome, which has players forking over real cash for in-game currency when it dries up. You can wait a bit and get more, but for the impatient, the game will be a real money drain. In other areas, we hate to say it but the English is terrible. Just truly dreadful, so much so that we burst out laughing on occasion. We wish it weren’t so, but the app desperately needs a few minutes with a native speaker before we can take it seriously.

Overall Value

Still, you don’t have to pay to use the app, and it is free in the App Store. As such—especially with the mountain of content kept at the forefront—we still think My Moviestar is a genuine bargain. It’s sure to hold the interest of just about any little girl with a dream, and even we had to admit it was fun. So take that as the recommendation it is and give My Moviestar a go!

My MoviestarMy Moviestar requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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