iSticker Albums: Collecting Made Easier With Digital Technology

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iSticker Albums: iPhone App Written Review

iSticker Albums for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

This next app review is going to be fairly aimed at European readers, so if you’re not in that category, you may not get much out of what iSticker Albums by developer theSpot mobile has to offer. You see, the app allows you to manage, share, and otherwise keep track of your Panini style sticker albums: A concept we don’t really have here in the States. However, if you’re one of our many mates across the pond that enjoy this kind of collecting and competing, then head on down below the break to see why iSticker Albums may just be your new best friend!

Concept and Functionality

As stated, iSticker Albums is intended to be your one-stop shop for all things sticker managing and collecting. How does it do this? Essentially, it takes the first step by allowing you to create your very own albums, complete with categories and a predefined set of stickers. From there, you can click on any of the stickers that you’ve already got, or deselect the ones that you trade or lose as the collection progresses. The app will even count up your multiples and duplicates. Want to view what you’ve got more than one? With the extras tab, this is quite easily done! Furthermore, the app makes it incredibly easy to partition your stickers via different areas, like specials, badges, or even by country. However, the app doesn’t just stop there. It also allows you to share what you’ve got or are in need of with your friends. You can perform this social exchange by using either Facebook or eMail, but either way, it makes it ruddy convenient to figure out where your mates are, and how you can help—oh, and score a complete collection! All in all, iSticker Albums is a much easier way to manage your myPanini collection than anything else we’ve ever used.

Design and Interface

iSticker Albums for iPhone

iSticker Albums for iPhone

As much as we hate to admit it, the functionality of iSticker Albums is slightly troubled by the fact that its interface just isn’t that great. It’s stark. clean and easy to use, but it’s not very likely to inspire us to work harder to collect our albums. It’s very organizationally based, which means there’s plenty of room left in the next update to introduce some pleasant colors and Web 2.0 inspired menus. This point is hardly a deal breaker, but we would very much like to see a greater emphasis on aesthetics in coming revisions.

Overall Value

Still, at a dollar in the App Store, it’s quite hard to argue with the sort of value that iSticker Albums is packing. If you’re in the United States (or elsewhere) and have been waiting for a Panini style manager for the iPhone or iPad, then wait no longer! iSticker Albums is the idea candidate, and we only have high hopes for it in the future. This one is an easy recommendation for those in need.

iSticker AlbumsiSticker Albums requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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