iMushroom Hunter: Everything You Want to Know About Mushrooms

Price: $2.99
iMushroom Hunter: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Do you ever find yourself looking at a mushroom, whether in your yard or at the park, and wonder if it is edible or harmful? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a handy pocket guide with you when you are out on a hike and come across some questionable looking mushrooms? Then look no further for iMushroom Hunter from developer iCartel s.r.o is just the app for you! It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and runs on iOS 4.0 or later.


iMushroom Hunter is the ideal app for anyone who is interested in knowing more about mushrooms, whether for leisure, safety, recreation, or cooking reasons. When the user first loads the app they will be prompted with a bookshelf type main screen, with some books, a first aid kit, and a information clipboard laid out on the shelves. The books have the following titles: “Top 10 Edible”, “Top 10 Poisonous”, “Medicinal Mushrooms”, “All Mushrooms”, and “Exotic Mushrooms”. Each title is self explanatory and when the user selects any of the books (by simply tapping on any of them), the screen will shift to a list of different mushrooms with their individual pictures, name, and scientific name. If the user taps on a particular mushroom, they will be lead to another screen where they will be provided with additional details and information such as edibility and habitat. On the main screen, the “first aid kit” provides basic instructions if someone comes in contact with a harmful mushroom, and the “info clipboard” provides information and what specific symbols signify and more information on the app developers.

On the bottom of the screen, whether the user is on the main menu screen or on a sub screen, there will be five options available: “Guide”, “Recipes”, “Favorites”, “GPS”, and “Tips & Tricks”. The “Guide” feature is the same as the “info clipboard”. The “Recipes” feature provides the user with several different recipes with pictures. The “Favorites” feature allows the user to add their favorite mushrooms from the app’s information guide directly to that section. The “GPS” feature allows the user to store photos of mushrooms that have discovered along with specific GPS coordinates of the location that can be shared with others. The “Tips & Tricks” feature provides the user with various tidbits on actions such as drying, preserving, storing, and processing mushrooms.

Appearance and Layout:

iMushroom Hunter iPhone App Review

The overall appearance of iMushroom Hunter is simply amazing. With gorgeous graphics and super clear images, even if the user is looking for something visually appealing, then this app would peak their interest. With detailed imagery of various and numerous types of mushrooms, and with bold and distinct background color schemes, each screenshot that the user comes across just might cause the user to become even more immersed in the world of mushrooms. The layout is very clear with the basic menu functions obviously situated on the bottom of the screen and with noticeable icons that will alert the user that they can gain access to other unique features such as recipes and tips.


Although iMushroom Hunter costs $2.99, it offers a wealth of hand information right at the user’s fingertips. With beautiful graphics and detailed information, this app not only will engage those who are interested in mushrooms, but even those who like to better informed about things in particular, or who take an interest in random trivia. It is not only highly informational, but can be very beneficial too, potentially even life-saving. The fact that it has cooking recipes just makes it even better.

iMushroom Hunter iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating: [Rating: 5/5]


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