iCanShop: The Single Best Shopping App on the iPhone

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iCanShop: iPhone App Written Review

iCanShop for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Typically, we like to give some of the apps we review at least a little modesty: After all, nothing is perfect. However, where iCanShop by developer 6mik-Design is concerned, we’re going to abandon that procedure entirely. The app is just about as close to shopping list and reminder note perfection as you’re ever going to get on the iPhone. It arrives with a beautiful interface, a massive database of items, and more than enough features to make us use it on a daily basis. So if you’re looking for a new shopping app to take to the store, look no further than our full review below!

Concept and Functionality

First and foremost, if you have ever used a shopping reminder slash list application on the iPhone before, then you already have a fairly good idea of how iCanShop works. The app allows you to set up lists that you can easily fill-in with items that you’re in need of. For instance, you can create a separate list for Whole Foods (that’s an organic-based grocery store for those not living in Boulder) and another for your car parts. Or, if you’d prefer, a list for your dog’s toys and another for your baby’s needs. The possibilities are nearly endless, as the app comes with a mammoth database of custom-icon-provided items. We spent a good fifteen minutes trying to come up with something the app didn’t have that we usually shop for. We found everything from prophylactic prescriptions all the way back up to WD40. All in all, we have a feeling there’s nothing the app doesn’t have, and nothing it won’t easily sort and store for you. Add reminders, the option to share your lists over the Web, and the interface we’ll talk about below, and you’ve got one impressively good shopping list.

Design and Interface

iCanShop for iPhone

iCanShop for iPhone

Yes, if you could’t already tell from the screenshots, iCanShop is absolutely gorgeous. It really is. The app has been cleverly designed from the top-down to be fast, responsive, easy to navigate, and unbelievably great to look at. The notebooks are pleasing to the eye, while the list creation tools take mere seconds. It’s the small things that make iCanShop great, too: Like the fact that adding new list items doesn’t bump you back to the list until you’re ready. All in all, we have zero complaints with the interface, as it’s simply incredible.

Overall Value

So to sum things up, we’re head-over-heels in lust with iCanShop. The app is simply the best shopping utility we have ever seen for iOS, which makes it an easy sell and an even easier recommendation for our readers. If you want to replace your existing application with something better, we cannot encourage you to go for iCanShop enough. We absolutely promise that you won’t be sorry, especially at the one dollar price level.

iCanShopiCanShop requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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