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Chin Up: iPhone App Written and Video Review

Chin Up for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Here at the iPhone App Review, we really like arcade games. In fact, we like these so-called action arcade games even more than we like the traditional ones. And if the total package comes with some serious quirk, we’re sold hook, line and sinker. All of this is, of course, simply to say that we’re quite enthralled by the wonder that is Chin Up by developer Touch Village. The app comes with more than enough action to keep us occupied and entertained, as well as enough satisfyingly bizarre content to keep us laughing. All of this adds up to one seriously good arcade game, and if you’re interested, go ahead and grab it now while it’s still free in the App Store! Then continue to read our full review below while you play along.

Concept and Gameplay

We mentioned earlier that we’re quite fond of arcade games for the iPhone. However, we see a lot of clones of more popular titles already found in the classic section of iTunes. Thankfully, Chin Up has spared us the agony of yet another boring review, as it comes with a completely new and original concept. The player must tile Mr. Chin from side to side by tilting the bamboo platform that he stands on. He constantly moves upwards through the level, and it’s the players job to make sure he is untouched by the (completely random and hilarious) falling objects that rain down. Along the way, Mr. Chin can collect various powerups that either protect him, keep him alive, or improve his score-earning possibilities. Stars are handed out for the length which the player can climb, while additional items can be purchased and stored outside the level. All in all, it’s a rock-solid concept, and one that we loved to the umpteenth degree. Keep in mind, though, that the game can often be quite challenging.

Design and Graphics

Chin Up for iPhone

Chin Up for iPhone

Best of all, Chin Up looks incredible on the iPhone, as it now comes with full Retina Display support. The graphics are superbly animated, while the variety of falling objects alone is proof that the developers genuinely cared to create  cool game. The levels are engaging, and the powerups add enough flair to the game to keep it alive. We had our concerns about repetition, but so far we have yet to get bored with Chin Up.

Overall Value

For a limited time only, Chin Up is completely free in the App Store, which means you have no reason not to grab it now. It’s a brilliant title with a wholly original concept. The mere fact that we don’t get to say that often means you should take the opportunity to download and enjoy it now before it goes up in price. If you’re into arcade games on the iPhone, we can guarantee you wont’ be disappointed. Chin Up is certainly an app to watch, and now is the best time to get on the Chin Up bandwagon.

Chin UpChin Up requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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