Car Xpenses: Taking Care of You and Your Car

Price: $2.99
Car Xpenses: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Want to always stay on track on how much you are spending on your vehicle, and when is the next time it might need servicing? Want to have these records readily available at your fingertips? Then the Car Xpenses app from developer Umbrella Cooperation is just the app for you. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and runs on iOS 4.3 or later.


When the user opens up the app, they will come upon the main screen which shows various car related categories on the bottom of the screen, along with the following options: “Cars”, “Expenses”, “Services”, and “Settings”. The main menu opens up on the “Cars” tab, and from there the user can input their vehicle information by tapping on the “Edit” button on the upper left hand corner. They can also add another car by tapping on the “Plus” icon on the upper right hand corner. They can adjust the formatting of the record date, by tapping on the small calendar icon right under the “edit” button.

Under the “Expenses” tab, the user can input various expense cost information. By selecting the “Plus” icon on the upper right hand corner, the user can add information such as oil, tires, suspensions, interior, filters, battery, accessories, fines, and so much more. There is even an option to add additional notes on the bottom of the screen. When the user selects any of the category, additional tabs will appear on the lower half of the screen to input in more detailed information. For example, of the user selects the “Oil” category, the sub tabs “Engine Oil”, “Brakes Oil”, “Anti Freeze Oil”, “Transmission Oil”, “Steering Oil”, and “Suspension Oil” will appear.

Under the “Services” tab, once the user selects the “Plus” icon to add new information, they can input their odometer count and the current date. By selecting any of the mini icons on the lower half of the screen, they will be provided basic information at about which mileage and approximate date their next service time is due for that specific car area.

The “Settings” function allows the user to adjust their preferences such a currency value, distance calculations, and date formatting.

If you want to see more detail of how this app works then check out this video demonstration here.

Appearance and Layout:

Car Xpenses iPhone App Review

The overall appearance of Car Xpenses is extremely eye-catching and appealing. With bold background colors that make the app stand out, and colored pinpoints and distinct text for each category, any user will have no problem navigating their way through this app. If the user chooses to play the background sound, when the app loads a cool car engine sound will be heard, and every time the user selects a function, a pleasant and non-distracting clicking noise can also be heard.


The Car Xpenses app is chock full of detail and information and is very useful and is well worth the price. Any person who operates a vehicle would benefit from this app. Not only does it keep all of your vehicle servicing needs and costs in one place, but it also is a handy reminder of when your car is due for its next checkup. In a time and age when everyone is constantly on the go, this app will help them stay on track to make sure their car is well taken care of.

Car Xpenses iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating: [Rating: 5/5]


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2 Responses to “Car Xpenses: Taking Care of You and Your Car”

  1. This is brilliant! My wife could use something like this since she can never seem to remember anything car related. I like the, “when the app loads a cool car engine sound will be heard,” because it seems like Umbrella Corp took the time to fine tune each detail with the app. As cool as this app is, however, I don’t think its enough to get me on the Apple bandwagon.

  2. car service says:

    This looks like a pretty cool car app. Costs a bit but probably worth it

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