Borderlines! A Game Where Geography Buffs Rule Supreme

Price: $.99

Borderlines!: iPhone Written App Review

Borderlines! iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Do you consider yourself a master of global geography? Whether you already do, or you want to see how you do at identifying the world’s countries by shape, the new Borderlines! iPhone app from Classic Mobile is a must-see. In addition to inducing an afternoon spent singing Madonna’s 1984 hit “Borderline,” this game was seriously challenging, and interesting. Let’s see how it stacks up to a little critiquing.


In the Borderlines! iPhone app your job is to successfully ID countries by their shape while racing the clock. You’ll be presented with a country’s shape and four possible identifications. Choose the right one and you move on without losing any time. Choose the wrong one, and you lose 15 second off your timer. Borderlines! also uses a cool compounding score feature. If you get one ID correct, the next problem is worth twice as many points. That has the potential for some serious high score action.

Borderlines! is over when you run out of time or countries to identify. There are four trophies you can earn on your way through the game, all based on your time. If you correctly ID all the countries, you earn your place among the geographic-minded elite on a global leaderboard.

I wasn’t expecting Borderlines! to be so much fun, but it really was. I was also surprised at how many countries I could identify, although I’m a long way off from mastering the entire game in one sitting. Borderlines! combines several key factors to make a game that’s not only fun, it’s educational and personally challenging for anyone who plays, no matter where they’re from. I did find myself wishing for the occasional mini-game or interesting factoid about the countries I was IDing, and hope the app continues to expand and improve as time passes.

Layout & Design:

Borderlines! iPhone App Review


With so many apps out there that are hard to see or enjoy, I was pretty much smitten with the clean interface and extremely easy to read style of Borderlines! This app has extremely crisp graphics and the map representations of each country are very easy to make out. Even the app’s instructions and how-to section are a pleasure to mull over.

My only style suggestion is that the devs make the country choices a bit clearer, perhaps with a bit more color contrast. Otherwise, I don’t have any design complaints about the app. It’s easy to play and enjoy.

Overall Value:

With its super-fast response time, clear, easy to use UI and intelligent subject matter, Borderlines! is well worth the small price tag  of $.99. This app is way cooler than I expected, and made learning delightful in a whole new way. If you’re on the fence about checking out the Borderlines! iPhone app, don’t be. Take my word for it. This app is a lot of fun, and you might just learn something.

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Borderlines! iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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