Bank Job: A Sneaky Runner with Style to Spare

Price: Free
Bank Job: iPhone Written App Review

Bank Job iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

When it comes to runners, the new Bank Job iPhone app is probably my favorite recent finds. The story, style, boosts and never-ending action are definitely top notch, and thoroughly entertaining to boot. This title from Screwtape Studios hit our tables here at The iPhone App Review this week, and it’s quickly stealing its way into my gaming schedule. Let’s see how it holds up to a little review justice.


In Bank Job there are two main gameplay goals: to collect loot and go the distance. Using a simple touch to duck back control, you control Paulie Barbosa, a burglar with a serious affinity for hats, as he dodges a never-ending barrage of booby traps in his search for loot.

The gameplay is nudged along by a swanky selection of hats, each of which has a different effect on Paulie’s run. Wanna get ahead? Then the Viking Helm is for you. Is loot your latest obsession? Then the crown’s your kind of apparel.

As a runner, the game is definitely entertaining, with a set up that constantly changes, so you’re never quite sure what’s coming, and a double decker game board for plenty of variety. Bank Job integrates with Game Center for top score tracking and a solid set of earnable achievements.

Layout & Design:

Bank Job iPhone App Review

Bank Job

While the loot is shiny and the hats are spiffy, I did find myself yearning after a bit of variety in the Bank Job set up. The cartoon-style graphics are sharp, the app responds like a dream, and it’s universal, so I’m still inclined towards a solid design score for the app. I just hate runners that never alter their basic background design, and found myself wishing for a bit of variety, that’s all. It’s a minor complaint about an app that’s seriously solid, bright and colorful, and a ton of fun to play.

Overall Value:

Best of all? Bank Job is free. Yeah, there is an in-app purchase system that can help you get ahead and afford more cool hat boosts, but you don’t have to spend a lotta green to enjoy this app, which is definitely a must in any title. Fans of the runner genre definitely owe it to themselves to check out this app. It’s a lot of fun, with some unique gaming features that are original and interesting. Go get it.


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Bank Job



Bank Job iPhone app requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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