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Secret4You Pro: iPhone App Written Review

Secret4You Pro

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Here at the iPhone App Review, there’s hardly anything we like more than a good old fashioned novelty app. You know, the sort that let you do something cool on your iPhone, like encode an hidden message within a QR code and then send it to a friend. Which, by the way, Secret4You Pro by developer VF Mobile Apps will actually do. It’s a nifty little utility with a fairly ginormous fun factor, leading us to fancy it quite a bit. And if you’d like to check out our full review of the app, you need only to head on down below the break.

Concept and Functionality

The idea behind Secret4You Pro is simple, but endlessly effective. How cool would it be if you could hide a password protected image within a QR code, send that code to a friend, and then have them unlock it within their edition of the app? It’s a brilliant idea, and it actually works like a champ. The functionality goes something like this:

The user first sets a password for the message within the app. This can be anything that they like, anything at all. Then, the user puts in a message that they’d like to share with their friends or family. The app then produces a QR code with all of this information stored right inside. Next, the item can be sent to the recipient either via email, Facebook, or some other method using the photo gallery. All in all, it’s quick, simple, and mindlessly easy. We had no problems at all fashioning up our messages, and even less problem getting them over to our mates. You do have to have the app to open the message though, which can be a bit of a bother if you’re just looking to have a laugh with some lads at the pub.

Design and Interface

Secret4You Pro

Secret4You Pro

On that note, the interface for Secret4You Pro is not exactly the prettiest we’ve ever seen, either. That’s not to say that it’s dysfunctional: We had no problems at all accessing the apps features, creating QR codes, typing messages, etc. However, we do feel the blank fields pitted against a stylized QR code background is a bit unappealing. Then again, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and we’re typically quite picky about what we do and do not like.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, Secret4You Pro is a barrel of laughs for only a scant dollar in the App Store. As such, it’s hard not to recommend it to those interested in a good novelty app. However, the value that you get out of the application largely depends on you: How much you use it, how much fun you get out of that. But, with the dollar price tag in mind, there’s no reason not to give it a go!

Secret4You ProSecret4You Pro requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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