Taking Great Photos is a Snap with Pocket Snapper

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Pocket Snapper: iPhone Written App Review

Pocket Snapper iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Next time you find yourself lusting after new photo effects, frames and more, take a gander at Pocket Snapper, a photo capture and edit work horse from Kdan Mobile Software LTD. This app packs a wide range of photo editing effects, a built in social network for picture-happy folks and a unique iModel feature. How does this app hold up to a close critique? You’ll have to read on to find out.


Like many other photo capture and editing apps on the market, Pocket Snapper supports enhanced photo capture with on-screen controls for zoom and flash effects. Pictures may be captured one at a time, or in rapid succession, a feature I really like. After that, it’s on to the effects. These range from a pretty standard set of textures, to some funky, bright photo effects that remind me of the holidays or fireworks. Each effect has a sliding scale you can manually adjust for intensity, a feature I quite liked. Otherwise, these photo effects and editing interfaces are pretty run of the mill. I was a bit disappointed with the app’s tendency to cut off the edges of photos.

The Pocket Snapper app also sports a bevy of sharing options. But the app definitely comes alive when you start using the Pocket Snapper community. The process involves a registration and email confirmation, and gets richer if you link the app to an existing flickr account.

In a market saturated with photo apps, Pocket Snapper more than holds its own in terms of features and extras. The iModel feature allows you to snap picks to mockup of models working a scene. It’s interesting, and gives users a chance to play with the editing tools right away, which is nice. Otherwise, I found the feature a bit cheesy and juvenile.

Layout & Design:

Pocket Snapper iPhone App Review

Pocket Snapper

Other than the misleading capture scene, which never quite manages to be what you actually see from the shot, using Pocket Snapper is quite easy. Effects are organized in a bottom tab design, and, once you realize you have to save each tab’s changes, it’s pretty easy to make the most of the app. Sure, it could flow a bit better, and I’d like it much more if it offered a smoother view and save process while you edit the pic.

The app has a lot of customizable viewing options when it comes to the gallery. Just proceed with caution: I thought I’d lose half my shots, only to find I’d reorganized them into a separate folder. Folder organization is a really nice touch and puts the app miles ahead of many others we’ve seen.

Overall Value:

Pocket Snapper sports a reasonable price tag of $1.99. While the cost is not prohibitive, it is worth mentioning that the iTunes App Store is entirely saturated with apps like this, many of which (like Instagram) are free. I think Pocket Snapper has a slight advantage due to its thoughtful developers who are constantly updating the app and adding new features.

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Pocket Snapper



Pocket Snapper iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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