Physics Slots Free HD: Pokies Galore, and Jackpots to Boot!

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Physics Slots Free HD: iPhone/iPad Apps Written Review


Physics Slots HD for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If you’re like us, you enjoy a good old slot machine (pokies for all you Australians amongst our readers). We enjoy—a bit more than we should—the simple pleasure of pulling an handle and letting our entire fiscal fate rest in the hands of three characters. It’s a cool feeling, and if you’re looking for a way to bet without your spouse getting angry, we might suggest that you use Physics Slots Free HD by developer Batuhan Akalin. The app makes it simple and fun to bet on the slots using nothing but your iPhone. It’s a blast and an half, and for our full review, one needs only to go down below the break!

Concept and Gameplay

In every possible sense of the word, Physics Slots Free HD is a classic slots machine transported to the iPad for your pleasure. It’s got all of the hallmarks—three different machines with different symbols, poker style rules, multiple betting options, and a single spin button that you’ll simply not want to stop hitting. It even has a jackpot that continues to climb as you play the app. It’s a wonderful combination, and if you’ve ever played a slot machine before, you’ll feel right at home. However, the app does add a few interesting things to spice up the gameplay.

For starters, you’ll only be able to bet one or three credits with the free version. To become an high-roller, you’ll have to unlock the capability via in-app purchase. However, we hardly minded. You see, the app has an auto-bet button that we flicked on, set to the max, and let roll. in this way, we were able to rack up quite a lot of credits. The app also has a mini-game that appears when you achieve certain combinations, earning you even more credits to gamble with.

Design and Interface

Physics Slots HD for iPhone

Physics Slots HD for iPhone

At first, we found the app’s interface somewhat tacky, but the more we played around with it, the more we started to like it. It’s very vibrant and very simple, and the slots behave exactly as you would expect them to. There isn’t an handle but a button here, which is fine by us. Likewise, setting up bets is as simple as pushing either the Bet One or Bet Max button, then seeing what happens. All in all, it’s simple, quick, good to look at, and fun to behold.

Overall Value

If you’re looking for a free and fun way to experience slots on your iPhone, there’s really no better option. Physics Slots Free HD doesn’t take itself too seriously, providing an environment that’s fun to play with and even more fun to win at. But don’t take our word for it: Leave the casino, and instead grab Physics Slots Free HD for your iPhone.

Physics Slots Free HDPhysics Slots Free HD requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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