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Mobile Rewards: iPhone App Written and Video Review

Mobile Rewards for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Have you ever wondered if you could make solid money with nothing but your iPhone? Better yet, what if you could make that money while on the bus to your morning job? Well, with Mobile Rewards by the developer of the same name, you can do exactly that. The app provides you with a long list of offers and rewards that can be completed for real cash and real credits to popular social media sites. You can then use this money as you please, and all of it is earned directly from within your iPhone’s screen. No additional resources needed, save an account with Mobile Rewards. So if your curiosity has been piqued, go ahead and jump on down below the break to see how you can begin making money with nothing but your iOS device!

Concept and Functionality

As strange as making money from your iPhone over the Web might sound, the idea at the core of Mobile Rewards isn’t really that odd. It goes something like this: The app’s developers find partnerships to use, such as a standing agreement with Netflix. This agreement states that, if you the user sign up for an account with Netflix, Mobile Rewards can in return give you a small point credit. These point credits, when you have enough of them, can be redeemed for real cash value through PayPal. And with a whole lot of partnerships running underneath the hood, you the customer are looking at a massive wall of opportunities to sign-up for new services, perform sponsored tasks, and otherwise dive into the Internet with the promise of real compensation. It’s quick, and for the most part it’s easy. In fact, Mobile Rewards offers a full number of ways to earn points: These range from signing up for a service to filling out a survey. You can sometimes even get credits for simply watching a YouTube video. All in all, it’s a lot simpler to make money with your iPhone than you think.

Design and Interface

Mobile Rewards for iPhone

Mobile Rewards for iPhone

In fact, the process is so simple and so intuitive that we really only have a single complaint with the app: Its looks. Mobile Rewards simply isn’t the best looking app that we’ve ever seen on the iPhone. It’s certainly adequate, but we would hardly call it gorgeous. This is particularly important in Mobile Rewards’ case, though, as the app very much needs to persuade its users that its okay to be used. You want to bolster the sense of security as much as possible. And in our eyes, Mobile Rewards has a long way to go yet.

Overall Value

Still, the price tag associated with Mobile Rewards can certainly be approved of. The app is completely free in the App Store, making it a tremendous value for anyone interested. If you think it’s worth putting time and energy into completing offers and rewards, then by all means: Give Mobile Rewards the attention it deserves and take it out for a spin on your iPhone!

Mobile RewardsMobile Rewards requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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